102 Funny Dad Tweets To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Let’s admit it — we all love dad jokes. It’s okay, you can go ahead and say it, I’ll keep your secret safe. We often assume that dad humor solely consists of corny jokes and puns, but in reality, fathers frequently say really funny and witty things that make us genuinely laugh. Also, even the corniest of jokes can be quite enjoyable, and you know it.

Some fathers who really can’t imagine their life without humor took it to Twitter, turning dad humor into a whole category of Twitter jokes. These men may be from different parts of the world, work in different professions, and have different views on life, but one thing that unites them all apart from being fathers is that they have some really funny dad jokes up their sleeve. In fact, there are so many of them, they could even start a competition for the best dad jokes of the day.

For this article, we collected some of the best dad jokes you can find on Twitter. Share them with your friends regardless of their parental status to have a good laugh. Do you know other Twitter dad jokes? We are eager to see them in our comment section.

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