5 Easy Ways to Get Your Customers to Engage

Many people want to use word-of-mouth marketing as their primary marketing strategy. Customers’ ability to create trust, refer others, and generate discussion about their brand by recommending it to others is priceless. While some goods, services, and experiences will indeed generate attention. Any firm may take steps to encourage word-of-mouth and capitalize on the excitement.

Here are 6 methods to persuade your clients to talk about your company and you:

1) Inquire:

The most effective word of mouth begins with “word of listen. “Get in touch with your consumers. Learn why they buy from you? How long do they stay loyal to you? And Who they recommend you to? You don’t know what you’ll learn if you ask them. In other words, it’s not the information you’ll find in your new marketing brochure. By knowing what your existing clients appreciate about doing business with you. Your chances of recruiting the appropriate consumers and creating the proper buzz increase considerably. Observing what people are saying in Slack channels, blog comments, LinkedIn discussions, Twitter, and other social media is just as important.

2) Instruct them:

While fantastic word-of-mouth can happen on its own from time to time. You may need to assist it along the way. Consider educating your customers on how to spot a good customer and explain your company’s unique selling offer to someone looking for your goods. If you want to stay competitive, you should educate your most satisfied customers. How to post feedback on review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook Ratings and Reviews, and Insider Pages like those found on CitySearch.

3) Make Them Star:

When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing, failing to collect and share a client feedback or success story is practically illegal. With today’s technology, you may record client testimonials on an iPhone or an Android device. You can begin doing video interviews through Zoom to capture their success stories. Real-life examples are priceless. They convert your highlighted customers into walking referral ads for your company. Do you want to take this concept to the next level? The mere act of filming a dozen or so customers in a fun environment will have your clients talking.

4) Include them:

Human nature dictates that people enjoy being asked their opinions. Asking for advice is a fantastic way to receive it—select consumers for a round table discussion group. Please give them the task of advising you on new marketing and business strategies once every quarter or so. (Also, give them something to show your appreciation for doing this.) This may be anything from a product expansion to a website redesign. Your marketing team’s members will naturally become brand advocates. Zoom or GoogleMeet are good options for simple video chat sessions.

5) A personalized video:

Video is much more likely to be viewed and shared than a generic one. Today, people’s email inboxes and newsfeeds are flooded with sales pitches. It’s challenging to be heard above the din. Stand out from the crowd with a one-to-one video. Instead of sending an email follow-up, use a tool like Loom to share something you observed on their website with a prospect. Ask a lead to join up for an event you’re hosting, or send a bespoke video to a prospective customer.

A few things are more likely to get people talking than shocking them, so keep the best for last. Doing something unexpected and seriously gained might be included, as can give them more than they expected.

The goal is to produce high-quality work that others value and will want to speak about. But you need to prime the pump and take advantage of all of that greatness.

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