50 Of The Best Mothers-In-Law Who Prove The Negative Stereotypes About Them Are Totally Wrong


We feel that mothers-in-law have been unfairly criticized in movies, shows, and popular anecdotes for years and years. These stereotypes can make folks go into relationships and marriage with bias instead of an open heart. MILs are ordinary people and just like anyone else they have the power to be as wicked as fairytale stepmothers and as wholesome and healing as fairy godmothers. You can’t discount a person just because they’re technically your mother-in-law.

Today, Bored Panda is giving you a whole bunch of reasons to see your MIL as your potential best friend because we’re featuring all the people who did this and were as happy as can be. Mothers-in-law can be incredibly warm, and supportive, and they show how much they care in the most wonderful ways. Not convinced yet? Well, the proof is in the pudding—or rather, this list. We’ve collected some of the best evidence of people becoming best friends with their mothers-in-law from all over the net, including the incredibly wholesome r/adorableoldpeople subreddit.

Scroll down, upvote the pics that made your heart grow three sizes today, and be sure to send this post to your closest pals who have a MIL in their lives. The potential for friendship is always there! Oh, and if you’d like to boast/vent about your own parents-in-law, dear Pandas, you can do so in the comments. We’re all ears.

Dating and relationship expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man, kindly shared with Bored Panda his thoughts about why mothers-in-law generally get such a bad rap and what he thinks are the secrets to getting along with your in-laws. Read on for his great insights, Pandas.

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