Key Man Life Insurance

Key Man Life Insurance

important personal life insurance

Chief insurance is key man life insurance for a key person in the business. … Here’s how important personal insurance works: A company buys a life insurance policy from a key employee, pays premiums and is a policy beneficiary. If that person dies unexpectedly, the company gets insurance.

Primary insurance is a type of life insurance that provides death benefit to the business when its owner or other significant employee dies, according to the Insurance Information Institute

If you have a family, you probably know that life insurance can help protect your loved ones financially when you die. Have you life insurance that helps to protect your business? Yes, there is such a thing: It is known as the primary life insurance or business life insurance.

How does a key man insurance work?

Personal Insurance is insurance that works for a ‘significant person’ in the business. These are the most important people in the business, whose absence can affect the company financially. The company buys an insurance policy from its key employees, pays the premiums and gains that policy.

Important personal insurance can make sense in most cases:

If the reputation of the business and financial performance are closely linked to the name of the main employee, a reputation or unique skills, and the death of a key employee can ruin a business.

If the death of a key employee (such as a top seller) could threaten the company financially.

If the business is a partnership and each partner wants to be able to buy shares of the other in the event of a sudden death.


There is no set formula for determining the amount of insurance for your significant other, says III. You may want to start by looking at the financial consequences of a major job loss that your company may have.

For example, if you are the sole proprietor who buys private key insurance from you, you may want enough coverage to help your heirs close your business and pay off any company debt. If you own a larger company and include an important employee in insurance, you may need adequate coverage to replace that person’s sales revenue, for example, or to provide a wallet while you are looking to replace an employee.


How your policy is structured can depend on the legal framework of your company. Usually, the company pays important policy premiums, and is also a beneficiary, said III. The chief employee must give permission, in writing, to your policy-holding company.


According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), premiums paid for life insurance policy are not a fee paid to a business’ income tax.

Personal insurance is life insurance for the most important person in the business. In a small business, this is usually the owner, the founder or perhaps a key employee or two. These are the most important people in the business – those whose absence can sink the company. You definitely need to consider the basic insurance policy for those people.

Here’s how an important personal insurance policy works: A company buys a key man life insurance policy from its key employees, pays premiums and is a policy beneficiary. If that person dies unexpectedly, the company gets insurance. The reason why this installation is important is because the death of an important person in a small company can cause the death of this company immediately. The purpose of important insurance is to help the company survive the risk of losing the person who makes the business work.

The company can use the proceeds of the insurance to cover the costs of replacing it, or, if necessary, pay off debts, transfer funds to investors, pay employees and close the business in an orderly manner. In the unfortunate case, an important personal insurance company offers the company other options without immediate collapse.

If the company is solely owned and operated only by you and not other employees or has no other dependents, significant personal insurance is not required. You will see that we did not mention your family – do not confuse important insurance with personal life insurance. If you have your spouse and / or children dependent on your income, then you should have personal health insurance for that purpose.

How do you decide who needs this insurance? Look at your business and think about who can be relocated to a temporary location. For many small businesses, it is the owner who holds the company together – they can keep books, manage employees, manage important customers and so on. When that person is gone, business stops.

How much personal insurance do you need? That depends on your business, but generally, you should get as much as possible. Shop around and get prices from a variety of different agents; many life insurance agents will sell you a key person policy. Be sure to ask for time insurance – most agents will have a full or flexible life, with very high premiums and commissions but not required for a basic personal policy. Request quotes for $ 100,000, $ 250,000, $ 500,000, $ 750,000 and $ 1 million, and compare individual costs. Then think of how much money your business will need in order to survive and take on the role of the most important person in the world. Buy a policy that fits your budget and will address your short-term financial needs in the event of a disaster.


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