Stockholms Another Landmark in Hospitality Nobis Hotel Stockholm Sweden

Nobis Hotel Stockholm was first opened in 2010. It has 201 rooms in the flagship hotel in Nobis Hospitality Group. Occupying two magnificent historic buildings in a prime location in Stockholm’s Square, Nobis Hotel represents its own personal definition of the concept of contemporary luxury. Nobis hotel is the flagship in its chain of restaurants and its group. It was a privilege to open a hotel in this location. One must say that the hotel turned out in almost every way as guests envisioned it. Of course it will continue to evolve but guests don’t want to change anything major.

This concept means a hotel that is extremely comfortable and efficient but also warm, personal and friendly. It is likely to think when staying as a guest in Nobis Hotel you have a front row seat to the best of what the Stockholm scene has to offer. The hotel is very much a part of the pulse of the city – but also a soothing refuge when you prefer. Nobis Hotel Stockholm has used carefully selected, predominantly natural materials that age with grace, such as various wools, wood stone, leather and glass. The sense of luxury comes from optimal comfort and function and a cool, calm ambience without excesses. Its rooms are comfortably spacious, but without unnecessary excess space.

Its owner says, “My dream for the future is to keep maintaining the same high level in every detail, day after day, year in and year out.” This hotel has two historic landmark buildings on Norrmalmstorg Square. The feeling of the rooms is peaceful, soothing and sophisticated, with genuine, superior quality materials and mellow color scales, inspired by the muffled color palette of winter Stockholm. It also offers a number of lower-priced carefully planned compact rooms. All the suits have their own individual characters, designed to serve both professional and romantic purposes. They are all embellished with richly ornamented nineteenth century detailing contrasting both dynamically and harmoniously with razor sharp modern designs, objects and details.

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