A Sana Bucha is he inspiring journalist

Sana Bucha is a name that we are all familiar with. Sana Bacha is the journalist who gives us a lot more to think about than just ourselves. This Multan born actress, journalist, news anchor and war correspondent is the pride of Pakistan. And why should not she be? She is the role model that most Pakistani women look upto, not only for her insanely good looks, but also because Sana Bucha has had so many accomplishments and achievements that she is like a warrior queen herself.A Sana Bucha is he inspiring journalist we all need to be more like!

“Sana Bucha: Is a name we have all seen appearing in news and a face that often covers television. But where did this star start from?

Believed to be born in Multan, Pakistan; Sana Bucha completed her education from Convent of Jesus and Mary and The Lyceum School, where she completed her A levels in Karachi. Initially she was not an anchor person but rather Sana Bucha was a production development associate, which clearly marked her ambitions quickly. Having decided upon moving ahead in her life, Sana Bucha made history in Pakistan when she produced the first English Language Bulletin show on GEO News. The success of this Bulletin Show that aired in English was pretty much evident when it gave way to newfound success and fame for Sana Bucha, and paved the way for more bulletin shows to be produced and aired in the English language.

After the undeniable success and achievement thanks to Sana Bucha’s first English bulletin show, she climbed the stairs to success further more when she often hosted the English morning show that she had herself produced. This English News Day Show was a first for Pakistan, where Sana Bucha made history once more.

Sana Bucha continues to work with GEO News until she resigned once in June 2012 and then after rejoining, she resigned again in November 2012. Both the times, her resignation was alleged on the joining of Doctor Aamir Liaquat Hussain.A Sana Bucha is he inspiring journalist we all need to be more like!

What made Sana Bucha loved even more was when she continued to serve her nation with her news by hosting the show Crisis Cell as the appointed executive director of this Current Affairs show. She however had bigger plans and she soon changed her mind and chose to host the show Laikin.  Later however, Sana Bucha switched to Dunya News.

Sana Bucha gave her fans quite a pleasant jolt when she appeared in her first movie Yalghaar (released in 2017) as the infamous character Sadia and then she produced the all-time favorite Quetta: A City of Forgotten Dreams.

Sana Bucha keeps on bringing her A Game to Pakistan, whether it is her discussion over politics, current affairs or foreign relations or whether she appears in movies. Wherever the name Sana Bucha goes, so does success. So all we can say is that Sana Bucha is a warrior queen and we are all here to see her serving looks and more!


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