Ainy Jaffri Rahman Pakistani pretty actress

Born on July 9, 1981 in Karachi, Pakistan; Ainy Jaffri Rahman spent most of her time in Canada after her family moved to Canada from Pakistan. Ainy Jaffri Rahman completed her education from the McGill University in Canada. Ainy Jaffri got married to Faris Rahman in a beautiful Islamic marriage ceremony on 22nd of February, 2014. Ainy Jaffri Rahman: This pretty actress is taking Pakistani talent

Ainy Jaffri Rahman was appreciated and loved ever since the first time Pakistanis laid eyes on her onscreen. Her first role was in the drama serial Dreamers in 2010 when she portrayed the role of Maya. Her role was highly appreciated and Ainy Jaffri Rahman was instantly cast in more roles as again Maya in Meri Behan Maya, Tabby in Zip Bus Chup Raho, and Mariam in Badtameez in 2011. Her role in Meri Behan Maya was received with extreme loved for her adorable style, and gorgeous acting.

Ainy Jaffri Rahman further worked on Aseerzadi in 2013, which was a role breaker for Ainy Jaffri Rahman who had been working on soft and chirpy role of Maya and then she took the role of Mahira, who was married into a strict family with stricter regulations and traditions. Aseerzadi was a success among the Pakistani viewers and Ainy Jaffri Rahman was highly treasured for playing a strong role delicately.

Another breakthrough for Ainy jaffri Rahman was when she was starred as the main voice behind the animated show Burka Avenger that aired in 2013. Her voice acting of Jiya was highly loved and cherished by children, who had fallen in love with the portray she presented of her character. In the same year, Ainy Jaffri Rahman starred in the debut film Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, in which she played the role of Alina beautifully.

Ainy Jaffri Rahman took a break from acting and got married in 2014 but she reappeared in screen with the role of Mariam in the drama serial Sila in 2016 and then the role of Mahi in the movie Balu Mahi in 2017. Taking roles slowly and considerately, Ainy Jaffri Rahman took the role of Meera in Azaab e Zindagi in 2018 and Hareem in the latest drama Tajdeed e Wafa which continued in the year 2019. Ainy Jaffri Rahman won the Best Emerging Model in 2010.

Ainy Jaffri Rahman brought the prettiest smile and charms to the Pakistani television series and lightened up the industry she is loved dearly by everyone, even actors and actresses and she is continuing to play and portray soft roles among balancing her personal life. This Pakistani and Canadian beauty bearing light shaded hazel and brown eyes attracts people instantly and looks prettier even without even making an effort. Her simplicity is profound and makes people wonder when her next drama series is coming along.Ainy Jaffri Rahman: This pretty actress is taking Pakistani talent


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