Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn directed the largest career film in 2024?

“Ajay has had this issue on his mind for quite some time now. He has now taken the initiative to bring it to the stage,” the insider explained to turn it into a full-fledged screenplay. Devgn has shared his idea and basic narrative with various teams of writers. They are presently working remotely to bring it to fruition. VFX-driven, with strong emotional undertones. It is reported to be a compelling idea, and the actor is enthusiastic about exploring this universe. It isn’t a period film in the traditional sense. The success of the mentioned endeavour depends on how the script’s final output is turned out.”

As reported by Box Office Worldwide, a source stated that the project is still in the early phases of production. Its future is reliant on the Covid-19 issue and a resurgence of the theatrical business in the following years.

“At the moment, the expected expenditure is upwards of Rs 400 crore. It may potentially grow if the situation becomes more concrete,” the insider continued.

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