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Annie Khalid is the ultimate sensation and here is why!

Pakistanis are very well familiar with the nations’ constant heartthrob Annie Khalid and it’s time that we give her the praise she deserves. Noor-ul-Ain Khalid, or as we know her better, Annie Khalid; is an English-Pakistani model and musician.  Annie was born in Lahore on twenty seventh of March, 1987 and her family moved to the United Kingdom when she was only a school-going girl. In fact, this diva started her school in the United Kingdom and then in 2007 she released her first vocals by the name Mahiya in the famous Indian movie Awarapan. Annie Khalid is the ultimate sensation and here is why!

Annie Khalid is the heartthrob of the nation even after her seventeen years of activity and she proves that if there is one thing she shines at, it’s her platform. This musician dazzled the audience when she released her first hit single “Be My Baby” with the British disc jockey Judge Jules. She went on to release several debut singles and albums and with her astonishingly melodious vocals, manages to grab the attention of many fans.

She is also a model, but what made her seek a modeling career?

Although Annie Khalid was killing the stage with her albums “Princess” (released in 2006) and “Kiya Yehi Pyaar Hai” (released in 2010); when she walked on the stage as a model for the BNS couture in L’Oreal fashion week in Karachi, she knew that her talent was not limited to only the music world. She continued awing the audience and fans with her exceptionally great sense of style and magnified her talent appreciation when she was featured in the infamous magazine LOOK in 2011. Seeing her many multitalented sides, fans began to constantly thrive for Annie Khalid and this is one reason why it is easy to believe that if there is one constant fashion and talented diva, it is Annie Khalid.

She is not only talented in bringing people across the globe together just to listen to her sensational music but also earned goodwill when she was appointed as an ambassador for the Red Cross Goodwill in Norway. This feat of she was earned by her constant and unmatched efforts to raise funding for the victims of the earthquake that hit Pakistan severely.Annie Khalid is the ultimate sensation and here is why!

Annie Khalid is beating the odds of the generation because her music keeps on getting appealing for all the generations and just by a single song it is clear that she can rock the stage. The major feats and accomplishments of this English and Pakistani include:

  • Tenu Takiya (2008)-featuring RnB
  • Vote for Change (2014) – dedicated to the political party PTI
  • Kiya Yehi Pyaar Hain (2010)
  • Tujhe Yaad Kiya and Saada Haq Aithe rakh (2014)
  • Kali Raat (2016) and
  • Do You See Me (2015)- in Robot 2

Whether she decided to sing or model, she sure did wonderful, because we still believe that Annie Khalid is the true rock star!


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