Imran Wants To Talk To COAS In Pakistan Interest

COAS in Pakistan

He says the army chief apparently considers him “his enemy” and that he will not sit down and talk about (COAS in Pakistan) General Asim Munir “in the best interests of the country,” but added in the same breath: “Nobody (in the establishment) is.” ready to speak to me.” Speaking to the media at his Zaman Park residence on Friday, former Prime Minister Khan said he had no grudges against the establishment and complained that the army chief appeared to view him as an enemy.

When asked about allegations of corruption against him and his wife, the PTI chairman replied that he would tell COAS in Pakistan to prove any cases of corruption against him or his wife, and dismissed the notion that there was corruption in the Toshakhan episode “If I hadn’t bought the watch and other items at a 50% premium, someone else would have bought them at auction,” Khan explained.

The former prime minister also said he is still in touch with the heir to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. 

He accused former army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa of stabbing him in the back. He said that even after the PTI government was overthrown under the regime change plot, he spoke to Gen COAS in Pakistan. Bajwa about improving the situation in the country. “However, General Bajwa wanted to destroy me,” he claimed. 

“If anyone thinks I’m bowing, it will never happen,” he said.

Mr. Khan, who had earlier called for an internal military probe into General Bajwa, called for “a former army chief to be court-martialed for making a speech” against Russia. 

Course changes 

In response to a question about alleged death threats he would make after appearing in Islamabad courts, the PTI leader said around midnight that he had decided to surrender for land hearings in the federal capital after he learned that he was planning to arrest him at Islamabad airport and take him to  Balochistan province. 

“I am in danger from those who are supposed to protect me,” he remarked.  Mr. Khan said he named five people, including the outgoing prime minister and home secretary COAS in Pakistan, in a video statement that his party would release if anything happened to him. He added that the tape was safely stored abroad.

Responding to a question about his relationship with former Punjab Prime Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, who recently left the PML-Q and joined the PTI as Chair, Mr. Khan said the establishment was doing everything in its power to get Mr. Elahi separated to move COAS in Pakistan. with the President of the PTI. “Now it’s my turn to show my loyalty to him,” he said, assuring that he would not betray anyone. 

“The establishment lacks an understanding of politics,” Khan said. 


“Victory despite judges on PDM side”

Referring to reports of general elections to be held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab at a time when government coffers were rapidly running out, the PTI chief suggested: “When general elections are held simultaneously across the country, money is saved. He seemed certain that his party would win the elections, even if “the judges are on the side of the PDM”.

Asked if he had selected a candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Punjab ahead of the upcoming elections, the PTI leader replied: “There will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he decides the name at this point.” Even elected women held back Seat wanted to be Prime Minister of Punjab,” she commented.

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