5 Detailed Steps to Switching From Employee to Entrepreneur

Many people hope to become be their own boss – why wouldn’t that be the case?


This post will teach you how to convert yourself from employee to entrepreneur. There are five steps that you will learn here. It all starts by making your first $100,000 from our existing job. It’s important to first develop your fundamentals before embarking on your business journey. This much money is needed to ensure that your basic requirements are met. The six-figure is a significant achievement. It will place your wages considerably beyond the typical household income. A more comfortable living will be possible for you.


But how to get there from your current place of work? Knowing that you’re earning far less than near your goal. Develop smaller and defined goals can help you reach where you want to go. It’s essential to identify where you are today regarding your goal. If you’re going to attain your goal of 100000 dollars per year, you must analyze yourself.


Step 1: Create a financial basis.

from employee to entrepreneur

When you set an ambitious goal, it’s easy to forget essential things in your life. We are talking about the basic requirements like home, food, water, etc. It is the “Tripod of Stability” – it helps you stabilize the main parts of your life so that you may take chances in other areas. You will take chances if you manage your finances, your house, your car, and your relationships. 

 When you have all of your bases covered, you are not taking any chances.

 However, your Tripod of Stability does not necessarily imply that you are free of sacrifices. If you want to commit yourself to earn six figures each year, you will need to modify some of your attitudes and practices.


You need to find three main “legs” of your Tripod of Stability. These are the factors that, if stable, could help manage changing aspects of your life. This safety empowers you to go with unexpected risks. Think of three aspects of your life you’d like to be more steady. Then, focus on stabilizing such areas while looking for risk in other areas. For example, let’s say your tripod of stability is:

Your home

  • Your car
  • Your job
  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your savings account


It is essential to know what holds your Tripod of Security together. so that you may take certain risks, like establishing a side business


Step 2: Increase your earning potential in your career.

entrepreneur mindset

If you want to make a 6 figure income through freelancing, you may skip this stage.  If one of your three legs for Tripod of Stability is employment, you would wish to increase your pay. Why? You’ll make it to 6 figures quicker the more you earn. To get it done, you need to discuss your pay.


First, you have to deliver great results. You won’t earn 6 figures if you don’t deliver outcomes. Both connection building and producing high results are necessary for success in the workplace. You must showcase how valuable you are to your firm. Develop two key resources: your network and your observations. The ability to make future contributions can have a strong influence on pay discussions. A great way to do this is simply by asking questions of your manager:

1.·Anything you’d like to improve about the firm, and how can I help?

2.·What traits do you value the most in a new hire?

3.How can I help with your biggest objective this quarter?

It’s a great way to learn the basic types of talking topics. It can help you land better pay during your salary negotiation.


Step 3: Find a side hustle opportunity.

100000 dollars

This is the number one barrier holding people back from creating their side hustle. Indeed, you’re searching for something profitable and that you’re passionate about. 

Luckily, you have good skills.

You didn’t need to work for someone who caused worthless stress. 

The greatest choice would be to work in the same industry or to follow your talents.


Step 4: Get your first client.

six figures

You need to get people to offer you money for your ideas to start making money.

But how, exactly, do you do it? Where do you look for people like this?

Engage in a gathering of an entrepreneurial group. Find ways to add value while hanging out with entrepreneurs. Don’t do sales pitches or close deals attitude. Offer your help to them in your expert domain. Give them favors beyond their expectations. Being helpful to others develops trust and leads to sales. Before doing this, do these two things to find the right client. 


Ask yourself:

  • Who is my client?
  • Where do they go to search for a solution to their problems?
  • Where are they ALREADY looking for answers to their problems?
  • How can you connect them to your service?

Once you’ve pinpointed your target market, you’ll want to refine your services to properly target that group. Who are your clients, and who would wish to buy your product?

A few questions to jump-start your research:

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their interests?
  • How much do they make?
  • What books do they read?

Find out what your customers need by traveling to the areas they go with this information.

Step 5: Invest in your finances. 

To make $100,000 a year, you must strive. That means you’ll need to put some money back into your side hustle if you want to expand. It might include recruiting staff, buying a website name, or hiring a mentor or coach.


Working smarter instead of working harder is the secret to getting six-figure earnings. Surround yourself with those who are brighter than you and have already obtained their goals. It’s only one example. There are several methods for using money to expand your business growth.



These are the five powerful steps you may take in your life to convert yourself from an employee to an entrepreneur. Each step needs concentration and ongoing efforts to give a strong end. These steps are not activities but rather a way of life.


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Adeel Zaighum

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