Every Small Business’s Landing Page Should Include These 5 Essential Elements.

Your website needs a landing page. Landing pages are an essential aspect of any marketing strategy, whether you’re promoting an online product ad, an upcoming event, or a new book.

By creating landing pages instead of sending people to your homepage, you can help them find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily. For those who clicked on an advertisement promising same-day service, you may lead them to your online booking system on the landing page. Facebook posts about your conference should include a link to your conference’s landing page, which should consist of details on speakers and the itinerary, as well as a call to action to buy tickets.

It’s essential to have a landing page to accompany any ad or marketing campaign to generate visitors. These five characteristics may be found on all top-notch landing pages.

1. A Commitment To Solve a Problem

They are drawn to click on your ad because they find something interesting in the text that connects with them. Your interest is piqued because they see that you are familiar with the issue they attempt to address. It’s imperative that the landing page you direct them to open with a promise to address that issue.

The main headline, supporting subheadline, and evidence statement are essential components of an effective landing page. Look at this page for Social Media Examiner’s World Conference on Social Media Marketing.

When it comes to running a company’s social media, the environment is constantly changing. Best practices can change on a whim. The Social Media Marketing World Conference is designed to help you stay on top of the current trends, which is precisely what you need to do if you want to get recognized.

There is a catchy headline: “Discover the world’s greatest social media marketing methods.” It assures readers that by going, they’ll have access to high-caliber visitors and will receive top-notch guidance to aid them with their social endeavors.

The subhead reads, “In 2020, you’ll learn the latest social media strategies and master them.” If you go to this conference, you can rest assured that you won’t only be hearing about what has worked in the past. For this year, you’ll get a head start on your competitor’s thanks to the most up-to-date information.

“Join thousands of fellow marketers and influencers at the mega-conference meant to empower you with business-building ideas,” reads their proof statement. There are many more industry professionals that have been attending this conference for a long time. What’s keeping you from signing up for the conference?

To be expected, the people who operate this marketing event know a thing or two about creating effective landing pages. That’s why, no matter what industry your firm is in, these three fundamental elements: the headline, subhead, and proof statement are all you need to get your message through.

2. The Heroic Material

Once you’ve piqued their interest with a headline that promises to fix their problem, you’ll want to keep them engaged by providing further information. Here, the hero comes into play. Visual elements, like images and videos (both still and moving), are commonly used to give context to your viewers. By doing so, you provide customers with a better idea of how your service or product can improve their quality of life.

As a literary device, the hero is two-fold. You want to promote yourself as their hero, a person who can come in and solve their problem for them. There are occasions when they’re shown as heroes since they can achieve more incredible things for themselves and others when their challenge is handled.

Mom and the kid are shown having fun on their lush, green grass. And although though TruGreen isn’t in the photo, the gorgeous grass is a symbol of their dedication. They worked hard to keep pests out of the backyard and make it a place for family fun. It’s not like this mom has to waste her time attempting to mend her grass on her own anymore. As a result, she can now focus on being a mom and dad, thanks to the help of TruGreen.

3. Benefits of Using This Product

A strong opening statement and an eye-catching image have already attracted the attention of your viewers. What follows is a detailed explanation of why they should take advantage of your headline offer. Your chance to go into great depth on the benefits and features of your product.

Take a look at Rite Plumbing and Heating, which is the first result you see when you search “same day plumber near me” on Google.

They go to great lengths and answer many of the worries that a potential customer would have with their list of perks. Their plumbers may be summoned at any time of the day or night. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about unexpected costs on your account when you get to your destination. You may feel safe allowing them inside your house because they are licensed and insured. In addition, they aren’t seeking the quickest and easiest option. You won’t need an emergency plumber again in a few weeks if they find and cure the root of the problem!

This amount of information eliminates any skepticism that a potential customer could have. Your viewers won’t have to sift through your site to find a FAQ page if you provide all of this information on one page. All of the information they need to make a decision is available to them right here, right now.

4. Social Proof

You may have given your customers everything they need to make an educated decision, but there are instances when they need one more piece of comfort. We all think our businesses are wonderful but do our current customers agree?

The prospect might look for you on Yelp or Google My Business, but it invites them to leave your landing page and opens up the risk that they might find one of your competitors and slip over to them. If you want to retain your audience on your landing page, you should present social proof.

Take a look at this landing page from the book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

Quotes from prominent authors and thinkers who have praised the work have been gathered for your reading pleasure. These quotes provide the reader with a better idea of what the book is about and demonstrate its usefulness to those undecided about purchasing it. Many people who know what they’re talking about think my book is beneficial, not just author.

There are several ways to include social proof on your landing page. Linked likes and shares from your social media accounts can also be included in your report. Yelp or Google My Business can also be used to display starred reviews from other local listings sites.

To sum it up, social proof is anything that proves that others have used your product or service and are satisfied with it.

5. Only one call to action

You’ve given it everything you’ve got, and it shows. With a strong title, you brought in readers. Afterward, you came up with a picture of what life would be like if you used your product or service. It was clear to your viewers what they may expect if they buy from you. You’ve also demonstrated that others enjoy what you do.

Let’s get right down to it: The call to action is here. Your landing page should only have one call to action. Your viewers will become confused if you have many buttons and forms asking them to accomplish different things. In addition, this might deter others from doing the desired action you want.

Make a single button or a simple form instead. What you’re trying to get someone to do will determine what kind of call to action you should use. You may use a button if you want them to do something easy, like order a book. This type of brief form can be ideal if you’re giving free quotes or scheduling an appointment.

It’s everything here! All landing pages for small businesses should include these five components to be effective. Check out this wireframe to see how all of the pieces fit together on one page:

Ad campaigns may get their maximum conversion rates by following this easy strategy for developing landing pages. To encourage readers to take the intended action, a clean, straightforward landing page that solves any questions or concerns they may have is the best method.

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