Get to know the story behind Aamina Sheikh;

Aamina Sheikh is an extremely famous actress; and why should not she be? Ever since Aamina Sheikh stepped foot in the industry, she has been blessing us with her pretty face, charming smile, beautiful personality but what more is her outstanding acting and modeling.Get to know the story behind Aamina Sheikh

Before we discuss more about Aamina sheikh, let us dig deeper into how she came into the acting industry. Born in New York in the United States of America, Aamina Sheikh spent her childhood in New York, Saudi Arabia and Karachi. Aamina sheikh started her career in acting when in 2008 she appeared in movies. These movies were an instant hit among the Pakistani fans, and included the movies Baarish Mein Dewaar and Pachees Qadam Pe Maut. Her role in Aasmaan Chu Lay however was a massive success because in the movie Aamina sheikh portrayed the role of a rickshaw driver, as the sole breadwinner of her character’s family. This role was appreciated greatly when it was revealed that she had actually learnt how to drive the rickshaw and the passengers she attracted were unaware of the acting, and were genuine.

Aamina sheikh starred in ore movies including Love Mein Ghum as herself in the year 2011, in Seedlings as Maleeha, in Armaan as Zarnab in 2013, Cake as Zareen in the year 2018. These are only a few of the movies Aamina sheikh has starred in, but her work in television series is so lengthy that we can only put together some of it.

Aamina sheikh starred in the following television series:

Title Role Year
Wilco Megha 2008
Qisson ki Chaadar Aimen 2008
Boltay Afsanay Raziya 2008
Dil e Nadan Seema 2009
Agar Tum Na Hotay Shireen 2009
Haal e Dil Seerat 2010
Daam Maliha 2010
Saleena Bushra 2010
Tere Liye Simran 2010
Hum Tum Amal 2010
Mera Saeein Naina 2010
Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Nell 2010
Maat Aimen 2011
Umme Kulsoom Umme Kulsoom  
Mora Piya Ujala 2011
Ek Hatheli Pe Hina Ek Hatheli Pe Lahoo Hijab 2011
Mera Saeein 2 Naina 2012
Mirat Ul Uroos Aiza 2013
Silvatein Zaib 2013
Kitni Girhein Baki Hain: Episode “Gunahgaar Dil” Anoushay 2013
Kuch Is Tarah Sabina 2013
Jackson Heights Salma 2014
Pakeeza Pakeeza 2016
Khudgharz Ayera 2017
Nibah Sofia 2018

Seeking more into her personal life; let us show how Aamina Sheikh completed her fairy tale.

Aamina sheikh married Mohib Mirza who is himself a comedian and an actor. The two have a beautiful daughter who they keep away from their professional life as much as they can.

We all appreciate Aamina sheikh who has won many awards for her superb acting skills.

She won Best Emerging Talent, Best Dress Female in 2009 and 2011, Best Performance by an Actress, Best Leading Actress in a Role in 2012, Miss Photogenic, Best Dress Female, Best Female Actress, Best Actress in 2013, and more.Get to know the story behind Aamina Sheikh


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