GoSun’s New Portable Power Stations Charge with Sun

Two new portable power stations, both compatible with solar energy, have been introduced by GoSun this week. These high-capacity batteries are meant to keep your appliances operating, whether because of a power outage or because you’re in the middle of a camping vacation. These portable power stations are like the other eco-friendly equipment in that they may be charged with solar panels.

These mobile power stations come with several power output options, including a 600-watt AC, a 1,000W AC, two 5V 2.4A USB-A ports, a 60W USB-C port, USB-A with QuickCharge 3.0, and a 12.3V DC connector. The power supply they utilize to charge is a 12-24V adaptor, an 18-24V input for solar charging, or 12V for charging from the vehicle. AC outlets that offer pure sine wave electricity are guaranteed to power your gadgets more consistently. That’s excellent news for your cellular phones and personal computers. It also includes an integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Controller) that optimizes the gain in solar panels. When it comes to battery performance, other kinds suffer in comparison.

It includes an LED display that gives you all the necessary status information. Specs for both the Power 550 and the Power 1,100 are printed on the packaging: 550Wh for the Power 550 and 1,100Wh for the Power 1,100. This power pack should be able to run a portable fridge for two days and 50 hours.


With a 450 lumen LED ring light on the rear, these batteries are one of the most notable features. A helpful feature such as that is handy whether you’re in the woods or at home without power. The tiny aspects of GoSun’s devices allow them to function in this manner even in the face of unexpected power outages and natural disasters.

The product line has a wide range of categories. People recognize them for their passive solar cooking devices. They have expanded their product offerings to include solar panels, coolers, and water purifiers.

Any solar panels picked up to charge one of these new portable power stations would incur a surcharge. A 60-watt solar charging table that’s capable of charging laptops, cameras, and even these new batteries fetches about $730.

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