Hamza Ali Abbasi: Is the Pakistani actor and film maker

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the Pakistan actor, model, director and film maker. His movie count is 4, He has directed one also. His cause of fame is the character played in a Television soap serial “Pyarey Afzal”. His studies are USA based and has appeared in many commercials and theater productions as well. Hamza Ali Abbasi: Is the Pakistani actor and film maker

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Birth Name Hamza Ali
Height 6′ (1.83 m)

Hamza Ali Abbasi is leaving acting. He had before posted on Twitter that he would make a significant declaration before the finish of October, after which numerous individuals had guessed that he will leave acting

“I will make movies and shows to give the message of God,” he stated, including that there will be no “improper components” in them.

He likewise uncovered that one reason he decided to do Alif was on the grounds that it spreads the message of God. He likewise explained that acting isn’t haram (prohibited) in Islam and that he is leaving acting since he needs to go through his time on earth to simply discuss God.

Hamza said he will continue making more recordings and tending to the misguided judgments that are available in our general public. “Restrict my recordings or bolster them, yet don’t scrutinize my goals,” he stated, including that he has no concealed plan behind his choice.

In the video, the on-screen character turned-dissident proceeded to share how he changed over himself into a Muslim from being a skeptic. “At the point when I was a young person, perhaps 14 or 15, I had inquiries concerning my reality about who I am, the reason I am like this and why the world is this way,” he said.

“I counseled strict researchers around me, however I wasn’t fulfilled by their answers,” he said. The absence of thinking made him a nonbeliever. “I didn’t find the solutions to my inquiries.”

Hamza then went to the US and disposed of all social, social and passionate inclinations. “I investigated different strict as well and I began to reexamine my confidence. Hamza Ali Abbasi: Is the Pakistani actor and film maker

“At the point when I investigated Islam, I at last understood this is the last perfect message to humankind,” he included.

“Demise is the greatest truth of our life,” the Alif on-screen character said. “At the point when I arrived at the resolution that our lives will end, I understood that individuals don’t ponder it and made it an unthinkable.”

He said everything is unimportant, just God matters. “Imagine a scenario in which I simply continue acting and even win an Academy grant. I would in any beyond words day. Individuals will overlook me. Michael Jackson and Genghis Khan accomplished such a great deal on the planet, yet at the same time kicked the bucket. Is the Pakistani actor and film maker

“I thought there are two things I ought to do to get happy with my life,” he said.

“First is good cause, which is our farz (obligation) and second is to consume my time on earth discussing God and the uncommon occasion which will occur very soon (demise) or existence in the wake of death.

“I need to invest energy with individuals and cause them to understand that God’s message is certifiably not a social thing,” he stated, including that individuals have made religion into one of the cases they should check.

Hamza commented that he isn’t terrified if his life is in peril along these lines, the same number of individuals won’t concur with his suppositions. “We need to kick the bucket at any rate, regardless of whether by a slug or a coronary episode. God chooses when we leave.”

He will address some delicate issues through his recordings. “For instance, some social things like “covering ladies” have entered our strict confidence,” he said.

“I invested a great deal of energy making myself a superior individual and completely changing myself to one where I don’t frustrate God,” he said.

He finished up: “Religion isn’t only a piece of my life, yet it is my life.”


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