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The Detailed Guide to Threading in the Smart Home Devices

The “Thread” brand has appeared on a handful of smart home devices, including the Apple HomePod Mini. To get the most out of Thread, you need to know what it is and how it may benefit your smart home setup.

Philips Hue lights employ Thread, a wireless communication technology similar to Zigbee. Thread stands out since it doesn’t require a separate hardware hub to connect devices. ARM, Qualcomm, NXP, Nest, Samsung, and a sprinkling of other manufacturers came together in 2014 to form Thread. Apple came on board in 2018.

Learn everything about the Thread smart home in this in-depth walkthrough.

What is Thread’s function?

All suitable smart gadgets in a home may communicate via Thread, which creates an interconnected mesh network. One of these devices must be a router that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi. These border routers allow all other Thread network devices to communicate with the internet and the rest of your local network. Instead of buying a separate “hub” device, the border routers incorporate the “hub” function into one of the current devices.

A diagram of a Thread network.

The Thread network’s mesh structure ensures high levels of redundancy. Data can transit the network in new ways if a device joins or departs the network. Additionally, the procedure aids in the range. You don’t have to connect all of your gadgets to a single hub, so you may spread them out as far as you like as long as they’re within leaping distance of one another.

When it comes to interoperability, the common language of IPv6 provides Thread with a lot of room to grow and a rapid response time.

What is a Thread device?

A border router device must be present in the house to connect to other Thread devices. Lighting, smart plugs, and smart thermostats are just a few examples of the products under this broad category. The complete list of Thread-certified goods may be seen here.

When a Thread network is running, each node, referred to as an endpoint or a router, will switch roles. An active router will constantly transfer data from one network node to another. Endpoints are often battery-powered devices with low power consumption. Their battery life is enough to send and receive data but not serve as a relay for other network devices. When routers aren’t needed for heavy lifting, they might take on the function of endpoints. Leader nodes will decide about the promotion or demotion of other network nodes.

Eero’s newest Thread devices are also Thread border routers, and they make sense choices because they’re already part of a mesh Wi-Fi network. While the Apple HomePod Mini tends to garner much attention as the border router of choice,

Is Thread The New Version Of Bluetooth?

No, Bluetooth will continue to be used in a wide variety of applications. Thread uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone in its latest specification if the border router connection fails. Thread networks can be set up and configured in many ways using Bluetooth.

The Difference Between Thread and Matter?

When discussing Thread, it’s common to hear the term “Matter.” Thread can be used as a foundation for Matter, an application layer for smart homes. Matter, like Thread, will allow a wide range of devices from many manufacturers to communicate with one another.

As you can see, Thread devices have a lot to offer your smart home, and perhaps this helps you understand them better. Whatever the system’s mechanics are, the promise of speedier reaction times and eliminating the need for a separate hardware hub is quite enticing. If you’re just getting started on your smart home project, consider including Thread from the beginning by baking it into your design.





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