Hold On: Where were the new AirPods during the Apple Event?

Another Apple event has come and gone, and so have the exciting things it promised. And it was a successful endeavor. Our new Apple Watch Series 7 is attractive. The new Apple Watch is an absolute must for bikers due to the WatchOS software upgrade. We acquired a brand new iPad and, in addition, an iPad Mini. We now have the iPhone 13, the Mini, and the Pro. Our subscribers will soon have access to several new benefits on Apple Fitness+.

There was nothing like AirPods, no matter what the rumor mill may say.

A few variables impact whether this is a startling fact. If you like to hypebeast, it is dependent on the hype. Whether you saw the headlines which said the AirPods 3 (in reality, the third-generation AirPods) were coming depends on your assessment of the facts. (And we don’t forget about our own headlines.)

Apple iPhone 13 Pro low-light sample image.
This lowlight example photograph from an iPhone 13 Pro is difficult to discern, but the AirPods still aren’t visible. Apple

But here is the situation. AirPods are rather large. Yes, they are minor, but they are a critical component of Apple’s business. Apple’s financial records group AirPods (as well as AirPods Pro and AirPods Max) within the “Wearables, Home and Accessories” category. This category was up $2.325 billion from the previous quarter, and it brought in $8.77 billion at the end of June 26, 2021. In that area, that quarter’s earnings rose more than $7 billion over the same time in 2020. It is a massive arena, and a substantial amount of money is at risk. A large portion of that is watches. However, most of it is AirPods. Moreover, that segment is expected to continue expanding.

It is understandable why Apple would not choose to include the small white earbuds at their September presentation. The company has enough to talk about in their audio line. Or perhaps they will be part of a live event of some kind. Earbuds. Headphones. HomePod.

Despite the many news stories and product launches of the week, the market did not lose any ground. We did not switch off the virtual event on September 14 and comment on the lackluster results. All the new iPhones, iPads, and watches (my goodness) that are available should last us for more than a few weeks.

It’s pretty sure that updated AirPods will be released at some time. They’ll be improved in some respect, either technologically or economically. Their pricing may fit anywhere between the existing $160 and $250 price points for AirPods and AirPods Pro. Or maybe they will go for the $99 sweet spot and undercut everything. (Maybe they will take the place of the current AirPods 2s, leaving the 2s as the low-end model.)

It will also assist in the circulation of the Apple rumor mill. Apple also excels at keeping people excited with their product promotion by arranging events all year long. The situation has been tumultuous, but now it is possible to look to the future.

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