What Outfit Style You Should Choose According To Your Figure Shape In 2022

For those with hourglass-shaped bodies, there are a variety of outfits that may be worn at all times.

Understanding your body’s strengths and weaknesses is the most important component in achieving a simple and delicate look.

For your consideration, five body types are known as “basic shapes.” Pear, banana, apple, and strawberry shaped bodies are examples of hourglass-shaped bodies.

Comparing the body features with the following recommendations will help you make an informed decision when purchasing.

Choosing the right outfits is easier when you know what group you’re in.
Body with an Hourglass Shape

Hourglass-Shaped Body

Many women aspire to have an hourglass figure with large hips, a wide chest, and a small waist. With this physique, you may wear whatever you want without fear of being judged. The most important thing is to dress in a way that highlights your best physical features.

The hourglass figure is attractive and makes dressing for it a breeze.

An hourglass-shaped woman’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a soft, feminine garment. To avoid being “exposed,” pay attention to the outfit’s length and thinness.

Apple-Shaped Body

Apple-shaped people have a large disparity between their chest and belly compared to their legs. Women appear overweight and unattractive because of an imbalance in the proportions of their upper and lower bodies. When it comes to balancing the proportions of the body, ladies need to think carefully about what they wear.

If you’re an apple-shaped individual, you should wear wide-spread gowns to balance off your hips and upper torso. A-line dresses should be avoided since they expose flaws more readily.

Apple-Shaped Body
The waist is a problem for apple-shaped persons.
Low-Shoulder Shirt, Sleek Shape Jeans
The sleek silhouette of this low-shoulder shirt helps to hide a big waist. Legs that are too brief look terrific in shorts. Your appearance will be enhanced if you wear skirts with modest decorations.

Banana Figure

It is easy for the banana to view the three circles as a single entity since it has no curved surfaces.

Use clothing and accessories to accentuate your chest and hips’ natural contours. The upper body can be balanced by wearing a shirt with elevated chest embellishments or holding hands.

A flared skirt is a good option to boost the waistline and disguise the hips of persons with banana-shaped bodies. Women of this kind should avoid body skirts to hide their lack of curves.

Banana Shaped Body 2021 2022

The absence of curves on the banana body may be easily compensated for by having a tiny waist.
Flared Sleeves Skirt, Pleated Pants 2021 2022
With flared sleeves and skirts with flared hemlines, you can hide the short shoulder and showcase your slender waist in the same outfit.

Prickly Pear Shape

A pear-shaped figure has a narrow upper body and wide hips. This body type is characterized by a petite breast, sloping shoulders, and “fertile” hips, all of which contribute to the overall imbalanced appearance.

Pear-Shaped Body 2021 2022
As a result, the pear-shaped body has a problem with its proportions becoming out of balance and overweight.

To make the shoulders appear larger and more proportional to the huge hips, falling blouses and large arms are helpful.

Strawberry Shape

The flaw will be easier to hide if you wear a shirt with a simple sleeve. Flared or flat-legged skirts or pants should be worn to “compensate” for slender thighs.

Strawberry-Shaped Body 2021 2022
The strawberry figure’s most distinguishing feature is its rough shoulder.
Wide-Legged Pants, Maxi Skirts 2021 2022

Balance rough and horizontal shoulders with the wide-legged pants, which hide narrow legs. Her shoulders look more feminine when she wears a luxurious maxi dress.


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