How To Get Ufone Loan Code 2023 | Ufone Advance Code 

How to get Ufone Loan Code 2023 

 The Ufone Loan Code is *456# and here is how to get Ufone loan. You can use the credit in advance, the so-called UAdvance service, in case you have no credit on your Ufone SIM card. 

 Ufone Pak Telecom Mobile Limited is a Pakistani mobile phone company collaborating with PTCL. It provides customers with telephone, SMS, and Internet services over high-speed Internet.

 Ufone loan code 

 The Ufone loan code is *456#. You can easily get a Ufone advance with this service. Ufone has over 24 million customers in the Pakistani market. So, to get Ufone credit first, your SIM card balance should be less than Rs 12. Learn here how to get Ufone loan.

After you have selected the Ufone rental code, you need to top up your Ufone SIM balance for the last 30 days. Your Ufone advance balance is automatically deducted every time you top up your Ufone SIM card. The Ufone loan also targets standard fees. 

Now, Ufone 3G coverage has expanded to more cities in Pakistan. The goal is to expand LTE services to more parts of Pakistan and provide users with faster and more reliable systems with better data quality. 

 How to get Ufone loan 

  •  Dial Ufone advance code *456# to get credit
  • After that, you will soon get your advance balance of Rs. 20 on the bill
  • Rs. 4.40 is the service fee of the Ufone Advance Balance rental code
  • so Rs.24.4 will be deducted from the next charge. 11.95 
  • Also, for prepaid customers only, this service is a one-time prepayment of Rs. 20 until the next refill

Terms and Conditions:

  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Rs.1 per MB for standard internet usage without an internet package 
  • Dial *124# to check your balance after dialing the ufone loan code 
  • Call the Ufone hotline 333 for more information – PTA
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • Unwanted or unauthorized messages can be reported by SMS to the SENDERNUMBER 9000 – PTA

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