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How to load zong card

Every telecom network in Pakistan gives scratch cards that may recharge subscribers’ accounts. These cards are specifically delivered for the ones customers who don’t need to share their number with shopkeepers or with strangers. Get to learn about how to load zong card.

Zong cards hold your account recharged and it additionally made customers in no way compromise their privacy due to the fact you in no way must proportion your number with shops to load your account. Simply purchase a card and recharge your account yourself with no trouble.

How To Load Zong Card in 2023?

Buy a Zong card and recharge it to your SIM card to get the balance. The obtained balance may be consumed on SMS, Voice & Internet package subscriptions.

Follow those steps to load Zong Card:

  • Scratch Zong Card and get 14 digits code
  • Now dial *101*All Digits of Scratched Card#
  • USSD Code will run for some seconds on screen.
  • A pop-up notification will verify the card recharge.
  • You can even obtain the load card & contemporary balance info.

If you need to discover ways how to load Zong card, then this article is the only one for you. In this quick guide, we are able to let you know a way to pinnacle up your cellular credit score from a card if you’re a Zong subscriber. So, study all of the commands and research all of the specific approaches to recharge your mobile credit score. Here are some procedures to understand how to load zong card.

Procedure #1

  • Go to your mobile phone dialler.
  • Dial *a hundred and one* observed through 14 digit number at the scratch card and #.
  • Lastly, SEND the numeric code to top up your cellular credit score with the use of this procedure.
  • Note: Zong Prepaid scratch cards are to be had withinside the denominations of Rs. 100, 300, 500, and 1000.

Procedure #2

  • Open your mobile phone dialler.
  • Dial a hundred and one and press send.
  • The operator will ask you to go into the 14-digit code on the scratch card.
  • After that, watch for some seconds.
  • If the 14-digit code is accurate then the operator will let you know approximately the up-to-date balance of your Zong sim. Otherwise, you’ll input the 14-digit code again.

Note: Zong sim customers can inquire approximately their credit score by dialing *222# or calling at Zong helpline. You can name the Zong helpline by dialing 310 out of your cellular phone.

Procedure #3

  • If you’ve got got a smartphone (iOS or Android) then you may download the My Zong app and how to load Zong card.
  • Run the app after the download is completed.
  • You will request to choose the desired language.
  • After that, you want to kind your Zong number. A code through SMS can be despatched to you.
  • Once you login into the app the use your contact number, you’ll see the recharge option.
  • Tap on it and input the 14-digit scratch card number.
  • Credit can be introduced in your Zong sim after correctly loading the card.
  • You can use this app for activating specific Zong applications and bundles.
  • That became all you had to recognize approximately a way how to load Zong card. If you located this newsletter helpful, then sense free to provide us remarks withinside the feedback section.

Balance Inquiry

We propose our pricey visitors usually inquire approximately their contemporary balance after and know how to load Zong card recharge. In many cases, the network offers a whole balance after deducting taxes. However, if the consumer had taken a loan/advance balance from the network then the card recharge will simply must pay card recharge tax + loan balance each at a time.

Service Name: Card Load:
Code: *101*Card#
Price: PKR 0

Balance After Card Load

There are essentially four Zong Cards to be had in markets. Zong has released its cards withinside the ascending order of PKR (100, 300, 500 & 1000). These cards recharge the consumer’s account in keeping with their personal price. For example, a 100 rupee card offers 88 rupees after the deduction of presidency charges.

Zong Card Price Receive Load
100 Rupees Card PKR 88.88
300 Rupees Card PKR 266.67
500 Rupees Card PKR 444.44
1000 Rupees Card PKR 888.89

Note: This is the listing of specific balances that rechargers will obtain on card load.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only prepaid subscribers can use this service.
  • You also can dial 101 to load Zong Card for free.
  • Zong customers can use the “My Zong App” to load the card.
  • Zong cards are to be had in price (100, 300, 500 & 1000).
  • Visit the nearest franchise or store save to shop for a scratch card.
  • For extra info please click on the official website INFO & FaQs.

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