How Zahir Jaffar Murdered Noor Muqadam’s – The Full Story

In the posh neighbourhood of Islamabad, she was brutally killed by one of her close childhood friends.


After jumping off the terrace, Noor attempted to run, but Zahir seized her by the hair and pulled her back.


The assassin, Zahir Jaffer, is the son of a Karachi entrepreneur. He is a member of the Jaffer Group of Companies, the Chief Brand Strategist for Ahmed Jaffer & Company Pvt. The family has long history of construction projects, military procurements, and close ties to the establishment. His firm, AJCL, is well-known not only for its large-scale projects, but also for its lavish dinners. Zahir had access to some of the most advanced schooling and facilities available. He, on the other hand, began displaying violent tendencies from an early age. He was sent to a psychiatric facility several years ago to manage his conduct. Since then he began counselling at Therapy Works (a mental therapy clinic in Islamabad). He had a major substance addiction problem and was addicted to drugs, in addition to his mental issues. During his therapy, he decided to enrol in a mental health certification course. He finished that course in 2015 and then began counselling people on mental health. He also taught mental health awareness seminars at top schools such as Beaconhouse. After his frequent breakdowns as a result of drug misuse, the clinic asked him to leave therapyworks. He kept in touch with the senior members of the staff, as well as his parents, to keep an eye on his mental health.


After dating Noor for 2-3 years, Zahir fell in love with her. She used to wear a burka but removed it at Zahir’s demand. Their parents knew each other and knew they were dating. Their friends believe they had chemistry, but he was abusive and violent with her. There were times when Noor stayed over at Zahir’s place. Noor had been increasingly uncomfortable with Zahir in recent months, either owing to his abuse or because their lifestyles did not fit. Instead of travelling to Lahore for a religious service (Ijtama), she stayed with Zahir.


When her parents couldn’t reach her for a day, they panicked and sought to find her. They were told she was staying with Zahir, but refused to believe it. On Tuesday the 20th, Zahir grew furious with Noor, who had been staying with him for a few days. But Zahir dragged her back in by her hair and pulled her back in. Instead of alerting the cops, his house guards called Zahir’s parents. Instead of calling the cops, the parents called Therapyworks and explained that Zahir was their patient. Therapyworks sent a five-person vehicle to his house to help. Five people approached Zahir on the deck to talk. They made up stories to bring him out. Five of Zahir and Noor’s common friends were also outside the house, but Zahir was not listening.



Zahir had figured out what was going on and requested them all to allow him an hour to meet with them and explain himself. He shot and killed Noor and beheaded her with a knife during that time. Meanwhile, the five Therapyworks employees rushed inside the residence and sneaked up the stairs. They noticed Zahir, who was soaked in blood, kicking around Noor’s head on the floor. On one side of the room was her naked, badly beaten body. When Zahir noticed them spying on him, he attempted to shoot them, but in his haste, he fired the rounds from the wrong side. One of the therapyworks employees saw an opening and assaulted Zahir, but Zahir was wearing knuckle dusters and continued to beat up the employee with the goal to murder him. The employee’s internal organs were damaged, and he is currently in the PIMS hospital receiving critical care and having open abdomen surgery.


The other two informed police and then tried to save their friend by assaulting Zahir and beating him down. They then bound him using clothes they saw in the room. When the cops arrived, they observed the entire crime scene and apprehended the tied-up criminal.




Image below is right after he was taken down.


It is reported that Zahir was fully aware of his activities at the time and said that he did what he did because Noor deserved it and that she was cheating on him. He further revealed that Noor had only come for one day, but he had held her captive and forced her to call her parents under duress, telling them she was in Lahore for an ijtama. He allegedly threatened the police and the employees at Therapyworks, and he boasted about his ties with high-ranking officials. When he was escorted to the police station, however, Zahir began mumbling in gibberish, implying that he is too mentally damaged to even speak coherently. Witnesses claim he started babbling and acting mentally ill on purpose. It was also discovered that he had previously purchased plane tickets to fly to the United States later.


So far, Zahir is being held in police custody, and the courts have granted permission for additional inquiry.  He seemed to have been well aware of his acts and made every effort to conceal them. In addition, criminal charges should be brought against the dumb guards and Zahir’s parents. It is also worth noting that this criminal would not have been apprehended if the therapyworks employees had not acted heroically and risked their lives to bring him to justice. The team of therapist must be appreciated well to play a required role. Noor’s death has cast a shadow over our world, and we can only pray that her soul finds rest in the hereafter given the suffering that her life has provided her.


Since this news is spread celebs like Mahira Khan, Muniba Mizari, Mira sethi, Meesha Shafi, Nadia Hussain and many more have taken to the streets to demand #JusticeForNoor. Their voices heavy with sadness and rage at the institutions and mindsets that fail women like Noor Mukadam every single day.




Note: The source of this story is being taken from the facebook, posted by one of the mutual friend of Zahir and Noor.


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