Instagram’s ‘Limits’ feature discourages harassment and bullying

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Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated “It is important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable on our platform. We’re getting better at identifying and removing hate speech and racism. But we do make mistakes and we need to do more. We are constantly working to do more. We are also providing people with the tools needed to take power back when they’re the targets of harassment.”

It has been verified that the Instagram is testing a new tool called “Limits,”. It will allow users to temporarily lock down their accounts. It will help users if they are being targeted by a barrage of harassment. The announcement of the new feature was made on the 22nd of June, 2021. 

Mosseri condemned recent racism on Instagram following the Euro 2020 final in a video. He stated that the company was working on improvements. Both internal and customer-facing tools to help address the problem. 

It all started with England’s loss to Italy in the European Football Championship. Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, and Jadon Sancho all experienced hate and racial comments on social media. Boris Johnson and Prince William denounced the remarks online. In a long statement last week, soccer star Bukayo Saka said social media sites weren’t “doing enough” to eliminate hate comments.

Instagram expressed its worry and rejection of racial abuse thrown against the players. Mosseri stated the firm was using technology to highlight user concerns. Instagram has been employing AI to identify bullying and other dangerous material in comments, pictures, and videos for many years. Instead of being forwarded to human moderators, some reports were falsely labeled as harmless. Emoji can have several meanings based on context. Instagram’s systems may have had difficulties interpreting many harassing remarks.

Mosseri acknowledged Instagram’s error. He noticed that the company has  addressed the prom. He claimed that Instagram had been removing the footballers’ remarks. But that they had not anticipated the rush of user complaints.

To prevent misuse, Mosseri also offered a number of user-friendly options. This contains Instagram’s options such as Block and Restrict, among others. Users can read someone’s communications without submitting read receipts to the sender. Hidden Words, a new feature, allowing users to block specific terms from showing in comments and direct messages. 

He added that the Limits feature might have helped the footballers. That way, undesired comments and reactions would be kept to a minimum.

Even though Matt Navarra, a social media expert, showed off the gadget last month.

Instagram was yet to recognize the new function.



Instagram Limits Feature

Instagram’s users who have the feature noticed a new area called Limits in the privacy settings. These photos shows how they could temporarily block the comments and messages from certain groups of followers.


A user can then restrict groups such as recent followers and accounts that are not following you. They may contain spam accounts or profiles created solely to harass you. A lot of abuse comes from newcomers who seek out the account to harass others.


Thanks to the new feature, users will be able to set Limits for a unlimited time.

An Instagram official also confirmed the functionality worked as illustrated in the photos.


Perhaps you’re in high school and going through a breakup, or you’ve transferred schools. Mosseri clearly explained how Limits could be useful in a variety of situations. He claims to know that people might experience temporary periods of real anguish. Instagram wants to provide them with the skills they need to protect themselves in those situations.


Instagram declined to disclose when the function would be available. It is on texting process on mobile devices in a few select countries. 


Instagram’s head also promised that this is not the platform’s final move against hate speech. He also said that additional elements relating to bullying and harassment would be added in the future. It aims to minimise abuse on the network as much as possible. Also providing options for victims of harassment to defend themselves. It’s unclear when the app will make the function widely accessible.

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