Manicure with a Rubber Base for Fragile and Brittle Nails

Here’s what we found out about the Rubber Base manicure for brittle and weak nails:Nails that are brittle break easily, grow slowly, and split readily- Rejoice! The newest manicure innovation has arrived in the cosmetic industry: the Rubber Base. In the same way, as BIAB does, this reconstruction foundation strengthens the nails while also allowing them to maintain their natural health and suppleness.Nail art is much better when combined with long-lasting gel polish or semi-permanent semi-permanent nail polish. Follow this link to the next section.

Rubber Base Manicure 2021 2022 2023

A Rubber Base Manicure, what is it?

Rubber Foundation is a varnish base derived from rubber that’s been mixed with other ingredients. Base and finishing varnish benefit from being highly flexible and moving with the natural nail plate’s movement while absorbing any shocks and preventing breakage or cracking. Using a tiny layer of this gel to fill in the nail’s crevices will allow you to create the perfect foundation for your favorite manicure. The nails are solid and can withstand whatever you put them through.

In what ways are nailed advantageous?

On the other hand, the Rubber Base will provide the appearance of having actual princess hands-on bitten, thin, uneven, and brittle nails. A sturdy but flexible gel barrier keeps the nail’s organic foundation safe and protected while it grows.

After a month, you may either have the filling done or have the base removed, and the nails below will still be strong and healthy. It’s a light pink gel that conceals the nail’s blemishes and flaws. As a result of its ideal basis for semi-permanent polish, gel, or even nail art, it is rarely used on its own.

Who Gets a Rubber Base Manicure?

With the Rubber Base Manicure, you may strengthen your nails, make them longer and thicker, repair any cracks, or even stop biting your nails all at the same time. Nails that are thin, brittle, and generally damaged will see the greatest of a change. The nails take on a whole new level of beauty!

The timetable for the meeting

To begin, the beautician pushes back the cuticles and dead skin from the nails. Carefully polished on their surface to ensure that the gel adheres appropriately in the appropriate form. The Rubber Base is applied first and then exposed to a UV lamp for some time. This technique may need to be done a few times, depending on the nail’s characteristics. After that, you’re free to experiment with different types of nail polish and nail art.

Done: the month is up, the nails will be irresistible and unbreakable.

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