Meet KASHISH SHAH: A Young Entrepreneur


Dr. Kashish Shah,  a 20 year old energetic and creative girl, from Khipro, Sanghar, a young entrepreneur, blogger & Doctor to be. 

She founded “Mk atelier” a woman clothing brand as a prospering student at the Liaquat university of medicine and health sciences Jamshoro , doing studies in medical. She always had a deep interest in building her own environment. MK Atelier is not just an ordinary company for her but it was what any 19 year old adolescent girl can only dream of especially in this culture we live in.

Many people consider it as a company but “Mk atelier” is my soul. Kashish Shah while interviewing to Digital Pakistani 

Kashish’s view of Creating her own clothing line had been the biggest dream – a dream that She may have doubted gazillion times, a dream that could never be executed because she didn’t feel to be good enough, a dream that was put in the back seat because to study in medical field and to work in a fashion outlet are two different parts.

She was told for not being continuing with both of these professions. So, after many years of thought and self doubt she ultimately began her own clothing brand, due to her family who had her support despite what others said. This has been a dream of her since she was a tiny girl. She has been designing her outfits as long as she can remember, sketching designs of party wear gowns on one of her school note books and describing them to her tailor. Only few of ladies now can sense how amazing it feels to merely think about it!

This is something she was really enthusiastic about. She said, Being a CEO of ones own firm is considerably superior that being employed in someone else’s company. In the workplace, she sets the agenda and dictates the rules. She develops as an individual. Meanwhile, she gets to be creative d innovaantive. There are always fresh things for her to attempt. She chose each and every book that she read on her own volition. As a result, she gains experience and expertise in her role as an entrepreneur. Except for her clients, she has no one else to answer to but herself. In the end, her business succeeds if her customers are satisfied.

She made Rs. 7,000/- her first time out of business. After her first victory, she felt more confident in her abilities. Being a woman in business in a male-dominated culture isn’t easy. In each event, I have learnt something new. She has learned how to deal with people, make difficult decisions, and learn how to bargain.

When she asks why men and women are treated differently, he doesn’t have an answer. They are both capable and knowledgeable in equal measure. Women just require support and a supportive atmosphere in order to achieve their full potential. The only way they can take off is if we give them wings.

She is thriving as an instagram lifestyle blogger and the sole proprietor of her own clothing line. Motto: “All women and men deserve respect. Both men and women are capable of running successful companies and kitchens. All that matters is that they pursue what they are truly interested in.

MK Atelier’s 23rd February of 2021, the day she realized that her goal was not just hers, but that of her truly devoted friends as well, was a day she will never forget. She had just completed the first ever picture shoot for 11 Articles on that particular day. MK Atelier and she would like to express our gratitude to the team of 40 real friends, which included models, make-up artists, photographers, and housekeepers, for making this shoot a reality.
Immediately after the BTS of the picture session was posted, all of the products were already out of stock, preventing her from releasing them officially. She tried to get refilled, but again she was out of merchandise because of all the pre-orders she had received.

Her business, MK Atelier, will continue to thrive as long as her consumers continue to show their love and support for it.

The hard work of the Hyderabad-based MK Atelier team lies at the heart of every MK Atelier product. What a positive impact this young entrepreneur is making on society by providing an opportunity for other young people to succeed.

Your continued support is much appreciated as MK Atelier grows each day by highlighting the talents of our community.



8 thoughts on “Meet KASHISH SHAH: A Young Entrepreneur”

  1. The published article looks great. Thank you very much for your assistance that helped us achieve this wonderful outcome. Thanks for the great support of your team. 🤍🙏🏼

  2. Raja Saad Rafique

    masha Allah… good luck for ur future life…. a multi talented…..Dr. from sindh….doing multiple things at a Time 👍

  3. I have been following her on social media for a while, business-woman + a doctor which is something beyond expectation, bravo – best of luck for your future endeavours <3
    “blessed with looks & skills “

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