Omg! The 10 Best Secrets Of French Beauty Ever!

It’s time to learn some of France’s best beauty secrets! In our minds, the Parisian way of life is a paradigm of refinement, elegance, romance, and sophistication.

Secrets of French Beauty

Here the Top 10 Beauty secrets from France.

1. They look after the skin

As a first step, they avoid sunbathing and bronzing products. The rule Parisian children learn from their mother’s milk is that if you have dark complexion, you must wait at least five years before getting married. Of the 10 Parisians, 9 had natural, even somewhat pale complexion. Of course, this cannot be done without exception.

It is immaculately maintained! Exfoliation, washing and moisturizing are the most popular beauty treatments in Parisian salons according to data. Face massage, anti-aging treatments and restorative hydration masks are also popular.

2. They Don’t Overuse Makeup.

The French utilize mascara, a little blush, and neutral lipstick on a daily basis. It’s odd, out of place, and a sign of bad taste to show up “in full dress” for work or a meeting with friends wearing evening or festive make-up (such as at a wedding). The same goes for bright lipstick and eye makeup. Something to ponder, perhaps?

3. They Disapprove of Contouring.

The French rejected this instruction, no matter how many methods sculpted faces supplied no top cosmetics artists. Why? Because it’s not natural! High-tech highlighter applied to cheekbones and the upper lip. All!

4. They do not sand down dull skin.

Skin that is in good health seems a touch oily. This is very typical, and it’s actually rather lovely. Is it possible to appear like a flour-sprinkled doll every hour? Don’t speak French at all. It’s a little too enamored with its splendor.

5. They Know Lots of Negligence

When you look at it, you won’t be able to say or think, “She really tried.” A jacket or dress – a neck scarf, wayward strands of the beam, the expanding workplace cardigan over jeans – and it’s always interesting.

6. Their Lipstick Is ALWAYS Red.

Lipstick crimson transforms every image into a cheerful one. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing torn jeans, a hilarious T-shirt, a combination of jewelry around your neck or a floor-length dress, Greek sandals, or a wide-brimmed hat; whatever your style, you’ll look great. Adding a dash of crimson lipstick makes you a Parisian queen, according to the locals.

7. They Spend a lot of money on their hairdressers.

As long as it’s well-fitting and looks well on you, people won’t know it’s a five-euro piece of clothing,” the narrator continues. “At all times! ” Do not style your hair, she has a fantastic haircut.. To maintain a healthy glow, pay attention.

8. They aren’t fond of hair accessories.

Decorative elastic bands, “crabs,” and other headbands detract from the authentic Parisian look and feel. It’s not essential to give up any of these gadgets, but if they can be made to blend in with the rest of your hair, it’s even better.

9. They’re Always in Spirits.

There are at least a dozen different moods and situations that may be evoked by a single bottle of perfume. For those who wear French perfume like a dress or shoe and leave the home without enhancing the flavor of the day, it’s like leaving the house nude for them.

10. They’re Totally Sun-Protected.

Paris French Beauty – the city isn’t in the southern hemisphere, yet moisturizers with SPF 50+ are the most popular ways of skincare there.

On bright days, a scoop of ice cream wasn’t enough: It is customary for the French to wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt, an enormous brimmed hat, and a special umbrella that shields them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Even if it’s hard for us northerners to deal with, let’s all agree that the sun’s ultraviolet light is bad for our complexions.


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