Pakistani Celebrities’s Worst Dresses – Lux Style Awards 2021

One of Pakistan’s most prestigious award ceremonies is the Lux Style Awards. Even though the legitimacy of these awards has been called into doubt several times, major Pakistani celebrities continue to take part in them. The splendour and glamour of the Pakistani entertainment business are well-known. Celebrities’ best looks have been created by the industry’s designers and makeup professionals. These designers and makeup artists, on the other hand, frequently disappoint their devotees at award shows for some strange reason.

At award events in general, there is a fashion to wear western attire. Pakistani designers frequently fall short when providing the high level of finishing and cutting that these garments demand. Pakistani celebs are now often seen at award ceremonies donning shabbily-stitched dresses. Some celebrities dubbed “style icons” for their fashion and makeup choices did not comport with their public image as fashionable this year. It’s fair to argue that the red carpet lacked significant flair on this occasion. There were even some funny looks!

Saboor Aly

Yumna Zaidi

Zaidi took home two significant honours in Yumna Zaidi’s honour this year. Even though her abilities are seemingly boundless, she has received high praise from the public and critics alike for her devotion to giving each job her all. Yumna Zaidi isn’t known for her glitzy appearance. It’s also worth noting that she rarely wears Western clothing and looks her best in more modest Eastern ensembles. Yumna Zaidi, on the other hand, opted for a hideous black gown for the award ceremony. Yumna’s attitude did not mesh well with this outfit, nor did the colour, which she looks stunning in when dressed in pastels. Her makeup resembled her appearance in Dil Umeed Tu Nahi, and her gown was bland and ill-fitting like other western clothes seen on the red carpet. Yumna’s innocent face did not look good with the black lipstick and heavy highlighting.

A major letdown, as Yumna had previously appeared in interviews and dramas, looked stunning in various outfits. However, in an attempt to seem trendy, she wore an outfit that was entirely inappropriate for her for the award ceremony!

Hiba Bukhari

Because her sense of style has never pleased us, we didn’t have high hopes for Hiba Bukhari, yet she still managed to let us down. As for Hiba’s attire, she opted for a basic black silk top with straight-leg slacks and statement embroidered sleeves to give her look some stylish appeal. It was not a fashion statement at all! The costume appeared to be the work of someone trying to save money by repurposing scraps of cloth to make a haphazard ensemble. Hiba’s hair and makeup also lacked sophistication. In interviews, she has appeared more attractive. Not only for the award ceremonies, but in general, she has to improve her wardrobe and appearance. You might easily describe Hiba as an actress in dire need of a hairstylist.

Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane has gone from appearing as she stepped out of a storybook to looking fabulous at some award ceremonies in the recent past. Mawra, on the other hand, wanted to try something new this year. Even though she receives total points for her uniqueness and for not following the other actresses’ example, her entire appearance was entirely out of place on the stage. Everything about her attire screamed last-minute wedding guest, and that’s what it was! We had high hopes for Mawra, who, like all other celebrities, had easy access to the world’s top fashion houses. She should have worn something more suited for an award ceremony, perhaps a well-designed Eastern dress. The way Mawra dressed was also a letdown. While her makeup was on point, her clothing and style left her looking like one of the worst celebrities we’ve seen this season.

Mehwish Hayat

We saw Mehwish Hayat in the spotlight again after a long absence was a welcome sight. Since she hasn’t been active in the entertainment industry, we anticipated her to make a statement by dressing to set her apart from the crowd. Mehwish Hayat’s outfit, on the other hand, was not even designer. It was an ensemble that other social media stars had worn in the past, so she was familiar with it. Moreover, it was of a simple design. It didn’t help that the hue was drab. Her makeup and hairstyle were the worst parts of her outfit. The shade of her hair extensions did not even come close to matching her natural hair colour. Her makeup was garish and over the top, and she looked terrible as a result. Similarly underwhelming was the attire that she chose to wear for her dancing performance. Given her ties to Lux, it appeared like Mehwish was merely making an appearance; otherwise, she could have come up with a more fabulous outfit!

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is regarded as one of the most successful actors in the entertainment business. Even though top designers would have liked to dress Mahira Khan, she opted to wear an ensemble created by her close friend Feeha Jamshed. Mahira looked stunning in the gown, but she looked terrible in the way it fit. We’re puzzled about how it managed to stay in position for the duration of the event despite the shoulders lowering, and it is lost down. Everything from the pants to the sleeves lacked good tailoring. Even though Mahira stayed safe when it came to style and makeup, this nevertheless managed to rank among the worst.


Aima Baig

Aima Baig is a household name in the Pakistani show business. She isn’t afraid to try new things with her appearance, but this time she chose to stick to the tried-and-true essentials instead of stepping out of her comfort zone. Her clothing and whole appearance were so plain that they were nearly dull. Despite having a black sleeveless gown with gold embellishments, she still looks unattractive in it. Too simple are her hair, makeup, makeup, and accessories, too. Aima Baig has a lot of fashion designers, hairstylists, and cosmetic artists at her disposal, so she can surely do better.

Azekah Daniel

This past year, Azekah Daniel hasn’t just proven herself to be a formidable actor; she has also proven to be a stylish and current public figure who is well-versed in the latest and current fashion trends. It’s not the first time her Instagram postings reveal her sense of style, but seeing her in this Rooh Azfa-inspired gown is out of the ordinary. The pink hues aren’t very appealing, but what’s truly disturbing is the poor fit and shape, which draws attention to the faulty parts of her physique. The dress’s neckline gives the impression that it was never meant to fit her, yet she insisted on trying it on even though it was too small. Again, her choice of glittering earrings to go with the pink gown leaves you perplexed. She tried her best to appear like a barbie doll at the Lux Style Awards but instead came up looking more like a knockoff of Barbie seen in Chinese markets.


Meera is well-versed in red carpet and award show fashion, so she knows just what to wear when. She’s one of the more established names in the business at this point. It’s nothing new for us to see Meera show up to an award ceremony in one of her signature Kaftans and to make it seem worse than usual. Traditionally, kaftans are meant to be flowing and free, but this one was too tight around the waist for her. Neither did her hair or cosmetics complement the outfit. In addition, she opted for a saree-gown hybrid that appeared overly cluttered due to the multitude of things going on in it. Not to mention, Meera’s bad hair and makeup choices made her seem unattractive in both of these outfits.

Mira Sethi

Everyone is talking about this outfit from the Lux Style Awards 2021 because it has everyone talking about the fashion statement it makes (if any). Only the designers Husain Rear and Mira Sethi knew what they were going for with this outfit because no one else could fathom why a celebrity would dress in this way. All that can be said to explain Mira Sethi’s outfit is that she may have been unsure whether she was going to a Halloween party or not. With this appearance, it’s apparent that the wet-hair style isn’t for her, and she should avoid it at any other events she attends going forward. Honestly, this entire appearance is a travesty, and the only thing it’s lacking is a broom to bring everything into focus.

Mansha Pasha

A lot of effort has gone into Mansha Pasha’s style; she’s found what works best for her. A look at the images she shares on Instagram demonstrates just what progress she has made and how well-groomed she is. Unfortunately, she keeps making the list of worst-dressed celebs at every event she attends. She either tries much too hard or doesn’t give a damn about looking nice at award ceremonies. She wore a Sana Safinaz creation, a brilliant blue textured gown with a few design elements. Because of the silhouette, it appeared as though the dress was wearing Mansha rather than the other way around, which was the situation. It’s safe to say her hair and make-up looked great, but her choice of dress on the red carpet was less than amazing.



Durefishan has gained notoriety recently as a result of her appearances in several dramas. As far as we know, this was Durefishan’s first major event as a well-known star. In spite of this, she had an outdated appearance that didn’t match her age. Saree and blouse were both from the same collection: solid deep purple silk. Her choice of a solid-colored saree was uninspiring, and her plain hair and makeup did not help. When all the adolescent ladies are dressed up in their most basic outfits for a 12th grade goodbye party, it appears like she was dressed for success. I think Durefishan could have done more with her appearance, or at the very least chosen a different outfit entirely. Even from the awkwardness of her hand placement, it’s clear that she was unsure of herself.

Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshal is yet another well-known star who knows everything there is to know about what is current, acceptable for an awards ceremony, and most importantly, what looks well on her.. Just because you can wear something doesn’t mean it’s appropriate, and Sunita Marshal’s presence at the Lux Style Awards didn’t make much of an impression. This gown’s pallu, which seemed like it was made from a saree, was bizarre. The drape’s color and pattern were both unappealing due to their usage of drab fabrics. Sunita Marshal tried several hairstyles and cosmetic looks, but it didn’t do anything to enhance her natural beauty. Despite her breezy clothing, she appeared like a grease ball with her glowing makeup and sweltering skin.


The worst-dressed celebs at the Lux Style Awards in 2021 are already in the bag for the year. In your opinion, which of the outfits was the least stunning, and why? Please feel free to add your ideas in the comments section below.


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