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We saw less of the Parizaad we were familiar with in tonight’s episode as she suffered a gradual shift. He’s getting more comfortable in his new work and making the most of the chance that has been presented to him in a way that only Parizaad could. He’s still the same person as those from his past, but now he’s more confident. He also highlighted how readily Naheed accepted him this time around in this episode! At the end of the episode, the reunion between Parizaad and Naheed was one of the most catchy. Even though he hadn’t finished his studies at the institution of his choosing, he was welcomed and adored as a guest of honor due to his riches and status. Many great businesses have risen to prominence in their fields despite not completing their schooling, and they are today regarded as role models. While Parizaad’s story is unique, education was not the deciding factor in his instance.

This episode marked the debut of Yumna Zaidi’s character on the program. When she delivered Parizaad’s poems in prior episodes, we barely saw her charisma. In this episode, it was evident that Parizaad was dissatisfied with his situation. According to his somber assessment, celebrity and riches were crucial in becoming accepted by the general populace. What confused me was Parizaad’s rejection of Seth’s offer to work alongside him due to their shared Maalik’s principles. It’s challenging to link Behroze Karim to these moral principles since drug lords are only concerned with drug trafficking. Tonight’s show had various faults and was difficult to follow throughout this particular part.

Friend and foe alike are welcome here.

To get the show started, Parizaad rescheduled an old friend’s appointment for later in the evening. No matter how big his firm is, Parizaad hasn’t done enough with his money. Before reuniting with people from his past, his business is of little value to him. Even though being wealthy was his ultimate objective, he is not scared to lose and give away his money. The outcome of his encounter with his old ustad was unexpected. Thus it was chronicled meticulously. At first glance, it looked like Pari was in the room, ready to confront his ustad about what had happened. As a result of seeing how kind Parizaad was with his own money, Kamali felt compelled to offer assistance to yet another old friend in need. After being asked how he felt about being so affluent, Parizaad kept his mouth shut and drew in an enormous sigh. Whatever the case may be, he was unsatisfied with his status in life and may have been pondering whether or not this ultimate goal was worth it.

Surprise! Kanwal’s reappearance was much-appreciated. Despite her lack of screen time in the past, she always appeared to be a pleasant and positive person. After his immediate family, she was the only one who had complete faith in him. As for Parizaad, she had warned Naheed about the ramifications of what she had done. Naheed’s flirtation with Parizaad made Majid even more enraged than ever before. This information should let Parizaad see that his losses were insignificant, given that Naheed was an opportunist. He seemed to have lost his interest in Naheed that he no longer wanted to meet her. Naheed feels she may begin a new life with Parizaad if her marriage to him is still intact. Naheed’s treatment of Parizaad as a second-class citizen was one among the elements that made him feel worthless and unworthy of affection. Last night’s episode showed that he had become a touch too conscious of Naheed’s growing interest in him! A positive sign is that Parizad is still the same person he was before, despite his present situation.

Annie and Parizaad’s tune, on the other hand, tells an entirely different story. Only via Parizaad’s poems has she ever heard of him at all. While she’s curious about the author of those kind remarks, Pari is convinced that he hasn’t come back. When Parizaad heard her read his poetry a few times, he felt an immediate connection to her. Finally seeing Parizaad face-to-face, Annie couldn’t help but exhibit her love for him. It looks that Yumna Zaidi’s character Annie will be an intriguing addition to her extensive list of roles in this episode. We have seen Yumna Zaidi and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s on-screen chemistry in Yeh Raha Dil, so we know what to expect from these two in future episodes. Therefore we’re excited about that. To yet, this is the only occasion he’s had to deal with someone who isn’t attracted to him just based on his looks.

That’s all we have to say.

There is little doubt that Seth and Annie’s entrance will alter Parizaad’s course. There wasn’t much going on at first, but when we started writing this blog, we saw that once again, Pari’s life and change were featured in this episode. Ahmed Ali Akbar hasn’t slowed down, which is remarkable. Parizaad’s meeting with Naheed has been requested by whom? Additionally, we eagerly awaiting Annie’s interview with Parizad. In our opinion, he’s lonely since his closest friend constantly surrounds him. Indeed, he will spend the rest of his life alone.


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