Laws In Place To Award Punishment In Blasphemy Offenses: minister

Punishment In Blasphemy

Human Rights Minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada said Tuesday the lynching of a man accused of Punishment In blasphemy in Nankana Sahib was tragic and reprehensible.

“No one should be allowed to take justice into their own hands. Punishment In Blasphemy laws are dissuasive and the penalties for such crimes are harsh, but the abuse of these laws can only be prevented by taking strict measures against the perpetrators in accordance with the law,” Pirzada said during an interview with an all-party parliamentary delegation Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Punishment In Blasphemy, Freedom of Religion or Belief from the UK to Department for Human Rights.

Welcoming the delegates, the Minister said that Pakistan has a strong, strategic, and long-term relationship with the UK. 

He said that the police have arrested many people involved in this heinous crime and after due actions and procedures they will be punished by the courts. 

Condemns Nankana Sahib incident, says no one should have taken justice into their own hand’s Border terrorism and cruel propaganda.” The minister explained that the country has a strong constitutional and structural framework for freedom and protection of minority rights There have been unfortunate incidents where foreign espionage services of hostile neighbors conducted propaganda mainly to slander Pakistan.

Delegates were also informed that the National Action Plan on Human Rights will introduce political and legal reforms, particularly for priority social groups. 

In his speech, the minister reiterated his commitment to protecting and strengthening the rights of minorities in the country.  He said international human rights watchdogs have been alert to every tragic incident in Pakistan but have easily overlooked the persecution of religious minorities and atrocities by Indian forces in illegally occupied Indian Jammu and Kashmir. 

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