Retired General Arrested After FIR Registered On Charges Of ‘Inciting Hatred Against State Institutions

Retired general arrested

Retired general arrested defense analyst and retired Lt. Gen. Amjad Shoaib were arrested Monday after a judge in Islamabad filed a lawsuit against him for inciting public opinion against state institutions.

The First Information Report (FIR), a copy of which is available on digitalpakistani, was presented by Judge Owais Khan at Ramna Police Station on Sunday. He cites Sections 153A (promoting hostility between different groups, etc.) and 505 (statements leading to a public scandal) of Pakistan’s Penal Code.

In the complaint, Judge Khan said the retired general arrested made statements in an interview on BOL’s Imran Khan Bol Kay Saath program aired on Saturday that “government officials and the opposition were incited to perform their governmental and legal functions.” 

 FIR quoted Shoaib as saying that arrest operations at Bharo prison could not produce the required results because only humans endured the pain and agony, while “the narcissistic and shameless leaders who sat at the top felt the least themselves in the world”. 

The judge said a retired official advised  PTI to “devise a strategy” 

“For example, you can stop people from going to government offices in Islamabad,” said Shoaib, quoted by FIR.

The complaint alleges that the general’s retirement statement “seeks to provoke further animosity, anarchy and hatred between the government and the opposition,” adding that Shoaib made these comments “in accordance with a well-thought-out and far-sighted conspiracy to further weaken the country.”

The petitioner has therefore requested legal action against the retired General for his comments.

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