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search engine marketing agency

Search engines marketing agency  are the best way to communicate relevant, affordable directions. But keyword research, optimizing web pages, creating content, and managing paid search campaigns takes time, resources and technology. Also, if your SEO strategy doesn’t work, it can be months before you realize something is wrong and make the necessary adjustments.

Seven Atoms is a search engine marketing company that focuses on building targeted, data-driven campaigns. We build search engine campaigns from scratch or we can research and retrieve existing campaigns that have been shown to be ineffective. Our search engine marketing services allow your business to increase its presence in search results faster while targeting keywords that will get you a better return on your investment. Whether you’re an e-commerce website looking to drive more natural sales, or a SaaS company in a competitive space, Seven Atoms can help your organization get real results.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is an important part of your search engine marketing efforts. With the right strategies in place, you can compete with large, well-known companies online while gaining a solid return on investment for your business. But there are many moving factors involved in managing each paid channel successfully, which can be a major challenge for businesses, especially those in the competitive industries.

We are a search engine marketing company that uses proven methods, with paid search engine marketing strategies based on in-depth keyword research and complete competitive analysis. We can help you significantly reduce your costs per click while improving click-through rates, and increase conversions. The result is a high-quality earnings for your business.

Page Arrival and Conversion Rate Application

Landing pages play an important role in helping to turn interested visitors into long-term customers. If you notice that your conversion rates are starting to decline or that the leads you are getting are not suitable for your business, it may be time to revisit your landing pages.

Whether it’s content that affects your conversion rates or a design that needs some adjustment, Seven Atoms is here to help. Our search engine marketing company has technical teams that design and develop that will make incoming pages designed for conversion. Our team also performs consistent A / B tests on various landing page elements to ensure that your landing pages are constantly changing.

Google Shopping campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns are an integral part of all ecommerce search engines. These campaigns help improve your product visibility on the search engine results page to search for relevant products. But Google Shopping campaigns can be complicated to set up and manage, especially if you do not have AdWords knowledge. Our search engine marketing services includes Google Shopping campaigns.

The Seven Atoms team will create customized product feeds that include full product details, highly customizable images, specific field features, and promotional promotional text. We monitor your results and work to ensure that your Google Shopping campaigns work well to help you increase your online visibility.

Re-marketing and re-marketing

How far do guides go to your site without a purchase? An effective re-marketing or re-marketing campaign to allow you to go back to the interesting tracks that left your site without completing the conversion process. Re-marketing helps you take advantage of these missed opportunities by enabling your business to move these prospects further down the conversion platform.

Rewind campaigns can get good technology, which is why it makes sense to have a search engine marketing company that will make a difficult proposal. We will work to create and manage your restructuring campaigns to maximize your investment profits.

Advantages of SEM

Paid search can reach customers at a time and place they may be interested in your offer.

SEM is data-driven from start to finish. Results can be measured on a daily basis, and the data collected may reveal information that you can use in all of your marketing plans.

Paid ads increase brand awareness – even if the ad is not clicked, its prominence on the search results page ensures that your product is visible.

SEM can give your company’s online visibility a quick boost, because results can be seen immediately.

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