TOP 5 YouTube Growth Tools in 2022

Ben Chamblee
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People’s new year’s resolutions seem fascinating, especially those that focusing on personal improvement or development. When it comes to social media sites like YouTube and TikTok, we heard many people’s desire to build their followings this year. As a result, starting a YouTube channel has never been easier. There are countless free tools available to assist you in the process. The following are some of the greatest, free tools you can utilize to get a jump start on your channel’s growth this year.

Unless otherwise stated, these are the greatest free utilities we could locate.

video statistics screenshot

Your video’s “score” is dependent on how well it performs and how well you use tags and keywords. Try to beat your last video’s score and go for that impossible 100/100! To top it all off, VidIQ sends you congratulatory emails when you reach specific milestones like 10,000 views or 1,000 subscribers. While this is an automated service, we still find it quite uplifting.

For more information on VidIQ and how to get the most of their extension, check out their very active YouTube channel. All of this is, of course, entirely free of charge! You may upgrade to the “Pro” plan for $7.50 a month, including more metrics and support. However, just having the “Basic” bundle gives you a leg up on other YouTubers who don’t.

Even though there are a lot of so-called “free” video editors out there, many of them don’t operate very well. Windows and Linux users may struggle to locate an editing program that is functional and free. OpenShot is the answer!

It’s easy to learn OpenShot, thanks to all the YouTube lessons available. It’s also open-source and cross-platform if that’s something you’re looking for. The UI and keyboard shortcuts were easy to learn in less than a month using OpenShot. OpenShot is a 14-day free trial that you don’t have to sign up for again and again.

It is a screenshot of the Canva interface

If you’re fed up with hearing the same stock music over and over again, this site is an excellent alternative to YouTube’s royalty-free music library. Searching for the ideal song for your video has never been easier, thanks to the hundreds of tracks available on our site. It’s easier than ever to create a distinct sound for your channel, thanks to the constant stream of new music!

You’ll have to provide links to the artist’s website to give proper credit, but this is a terrific opportunity to help out some up-and-coming artists.

If you generate films in a certain niche, coming up with new keywords to utilize might be particularly difficult. There are more keywords than you can need, and kparser provides useful data like a custom score for each one. It is a fantastic resource. As long as the program is active, new keywords will be discovered and suggested by the algorithm.

As soon as we put in “Cooking,” the list of possible keywords grew to over a hundred.

Screenshot from

It is a terrific time to start working on your objectives for the new year by using these fantastic, free resources that I mentioned earlier. So what are you waiting for?

Check out some or all of these tools if you’re serious about building your YouTube channel. Finally, if you’ve made it this far, we want to thank you for your time and attention. We hope you all achieve your objectives for this year, and have a wonderful day!


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