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TOP 6 Fitness Mirrors for the Home Gym

More and more people have started working from home since last year. Working, managing a school, and engaging in physical activity are possibilities. For the latter, a yoga mat, bands, and weights have been popular additions to home gym . To bring the future of fitness into your home, an exercise mirror can be a good addition.

Incredibly sophisticated, these home training mirrors mimic a group workout class like no other, making them ideal for anybody who has been missing Barry’s Bootcamp, Rumble, or similar classes. Regardless of whether you enjoy HIIT, yoga, weightlifting, or another type of workout, the finest fitness mirrors bring a boutique studio right into your living room — or wherever else you choose to put one. We’ve addressed all of your questions to help you decide if a fitness mirror is best for you.

Do you know how to use a fitness mirror?

Instead of being an eyesore like many other home gym equipment, fitness mirrors look like a standard full-length mirror. Streaming fitness trainers are available after you turn it on. There are some pre-recorded sessions, but most of the time, the classes are live. The teacher can better guide you through the sweat session with the two-way mirror/camera, enabling you to observe your form while also allowing them to watch you. A heart-rate monitor and music player are commonplace in fitness mirrors.

How many variety of sizes we have in workout mirrors?

Most workout mirrors are between 50 and 70 inches tall and a couple of feet broad. However, their dimensions might vary. If you want to work out effectively, you need more than just a large fitness mirror. It would help if you also had an adequate area in front of it for you to move about comfortably. Free-standing units take up more room than those that are wall-mounted. Take this into consideration while purchasing.

What are the advantages of a fitness mirror?

There are several advantages to having live, on-demand fitness instructors available to you at any time. When it comes to home workouts, a fitness mirror is the most luxurious option since it allows for individualized coaching. These machines are more compact than their traditional equivalents, including spinning cycles and treadmills, which take up many floor areas. It is far more subtle than the elliptical machine in the corner, which may end up being used as a washing rack.

How much does a fitness mirror cost?

We’ll tell you like it is: the price is the main downside. The cheapest versions will set you back more than $1,000, with most clocking up at between $1,500 and $2,000, making it a substantial financial commitment. Luxury, on the other hand, isn’t cheap. Just compare the expense of personal training to the price of a fitness mirror, and you’ll be able to rationalize it more easily. If the epidemic forced you to postpone your gym visits, you might have saved even more money. Consider how frequently you’ll use the item before deciding whether or not to splurge. home gym

Are you all set to put in some hard effort in front of a fitness mirror? For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top fitness mirrors, some of which will be on sale for Black Friday.

1. The Mirror

To be included on this list, the OG fitness mirror had to be debuted in 2018. When you buy the popular gear from the Mirror, which was acquired by Lululemon only last year, you can get it for as little as $999 (about $1,495) through Nov. 29. Because it is, in fact, a mirror, it will seamlessly integrate into your home’s design. Remember that it doesn’t come with any weights or other equipment, so you’ll need to provide your own. Thanks to its high-tech camera, it has a wide variety of training sessions to choose from.

There are more than 50 different genres to pick from, with lessons varying in length from five minutes to an hour. There are thousands of on-demand alternatives and live classes to choose from. Additionally, the Mirror provides personal training sessions (with Tracy Anderson, a well-known Hollywood trainer), making it an excellent choice for people serious about improving their health and fitness.

The Mirror

2. Tempo Studio

Tempo Studio is the ideal fitness mirror if you want everything in one place. In addition to a full set of weights, including a barbell and dumbbells, it also includes a training mat, heart-rate monitor, and recuperation roller, among other things. Normally $2,495, it is on sale for $1,995 for Black Friday. Using 3D sensors, the smart technology creates a representation of your body so that you may get real-time feedback throughout your exercise sessions. Tempo Studio is a great option for weightlifters who want to avoid plateauing. Additionally, they provide HIIT and aerobic workouts. It’s not a mirror in the traditional sense, and it takes up more room than the other options because of the weight storage area built into the base.

You can get the portable and tiny Tempo Move for $395 (regularly $495) on Black Friday if you’re on a tight budget.

Tempo Studio

Tempo Studio (reg. $2,495)


Buy now

3. NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack’s Vault is on sale starting at $1,899 (regularly $1,999) for the solo device or $2,499 (regularly $2,999) for the Complete bundle. The Vault Complete is a workout mirror that exposes all of the equipment within, making it ideal for a home gym. You may customize your exercise using the 60-inch touchscreen mirror’s numerous options, including Pilates, HIIT, yoga, weightlifting, and meditation. You don’t have to worry about not having the necessary equipment because it includes everything you need, including a mat and a towel. It’s possible to save $1k by purchasing only the screen and vault separately and adding your equipment. Pre-orders for the NordicTrack Vault are being accepted now, even though it has not yet gone on sale. , $2,999, or $1,999, nordictrack.com, for the NordicTrack Vault Standalone.

NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault Standalone or Complete (reg. $1,999+)

$1,899 to $2,499

Buy now

4. Fitness Mirror Echelon Reflect Smart Connect

To put it another way, you can get a great deal on the Echelon Reflect Smart Connect fitness mirror, which is quite comparable to the Mirror (regularly $1,600). A front-facing camera, speakers, and a heart rate monitor are all included with the Wi-Fi-enabled gadget. So if you’ve been building up your home gym over the previous year, this fitness mirror is excellent for you. The Echelon Reflect doesn’t come with expert installation, but the company claims that the DIY procedure is rather simple. Although it’s limited to streaming courses, it has a wide variety of options, such as boxing, HIIT, and Pilates. The touchscreen makes it a breeze to use.

Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirror (reg. $1,600)


on Amazon.com

Buy now

5. Tonal Fitness Mirror

The Tonal (reg. $2,995), which is currently $250 off (for a total of $2,745), is a must-have for serious weightlifters. By modifying your routine in response to changes in strength over time, the system’s inbuilt digital weight system helps you achieve real progress. Weights that may be lifted digitally are up to 200 pounds, and they are automatically adjusted to fit your physique and count your reps and sets for you, as well. However, as this fitness mirror focuses on strength training, anyone looking for other types of workouts might be best served to look elsewhere. Tonal is the best option if you’re primarily concerned with weight training, as it will develop a customized workout plan.


Tonal (reg. $2,999)


Buy now

6. Pro-Form Vue Fitness Mirror

The Vue from Pro-Form is now on sale for $999, saving you $500 off the $1,4999 list price. It includes a one-year subscription to iFit that allows you to follow along with a wide variety of live and on-demand workout sessions. You can see your form as well as the instructor’s, allowing you to get the most out of each session. When you use the Pro-Form Vue, it notes each session, allowing you to keep tabs on your development and plan your next exercise accordingly. If you’d like, you may bring your weights and a yoga mat if you want to work out at home.

Pro-Form Vue

home gym Pro-Form Vue Fitness Mirror (reg. $1,499)


Buy now


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