Tough Days Ahead For Road Users As PSL Begins

Tough Days Ahead For Road

A few hours before the first Pakistani Super League (PSL) game at the National Stadium in Karachi on Tuesday, tough days ahead for road around the stadium deteriorated due to detours due to the blockage of some roads in conjunction with the narrowing of University Road during the Construction of the Rapid traffic of the red line buses led to a slowdown in vehicle traffic.

 Although Karachi’s transport authorities have denied serious traffic problems due to the safety measures for the PSL game, citizens who have moved around the venue have met with strong reactions, especially on social media. 

The main focus was on Uniwersytecka Street, where traffic began to increase near Hassan Square and spread to the New Town. 

 According to the traffic schedule issued by the traffic authorities for the PSL games in Karachi to be played from February 14th to 26th, it will not be possible to use Liaquatabad No. 1 Stadium Road. 10 Hassan Square Bridge.

Similarly, the map shows that tough days ahead for road from the University Road Expo Center curve will not be allowed into the stadium, while traffic will continue from Stadium Road to Hassan Square. Noisy vehicles of all kinds will be excluded from the stadium signal on Hassan Square. Alternative car parks and routes have also been provided for cricket fans coming to matches at the stadium. 

The tough days ahead for road situation started to deteriorate after 17:00 and deteriorated mainly on University Street before sunset. 

 Alternative routes including Rashid Minhas Road and Sir Shah Mohammad Sulaiman Road from Liaquatabad to Hasan Square have also come under pressure. The street disorder was subsequently seen on Teen Hatti already raiding Jahangir Road, Nazimabad, Patel Para, and Guru Mandir.

 A senior doctor and senior member of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) took to social media to criticize the situation, citing his personal experiences on the street.

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