Updated Telenor SMS Packages 2021

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor offers its cheapest SMS package of ‘Telenor DJuice Daily Messaging Bundle’ with 300 SMS in just Rs 2 and another package offering 240 SMS in Rs 4 to its TalkShawk customers. If you are looking for daily SMS packages, these two are among the best. Another low-priced package has been offered to the people of Karachi, so they are connected with their families and friend throughout Pakistan. The package is known as ‘Telenor DJuice Karachi Offer’ with unlimited On-Net minutes and 1000 SMS on all networks in only Rs 10.

Telenor offers many other packages such as ‘Telenor Djuice 3 Ka Scene Offer’ offering unlimited free calls to FNF numbers, 200 SMS and 5MBs internet.  Telenor offers Telenor to Telenor free calls, along with SMS and internet to increase people-to-people contact. It provides 50 free On-Net Minutes, 300 Free SMS to all networks, and 4 MB free internet data in only Rs 15. Telenor offers ‘50 Minutes Mini Budget Package’ with 50 free On-Net Minutes, 300 free SMS to all networks, 4 MBs of free internet data in Rs 15 and Telenor ‘100 Minutes Mini Budget Package’ with 100 free On-Net Minutes, 300 free SMS to all networks in only Rs 18.

Package Name Free SMS Extra Amenities   Activation Code Validity Price
Telenor Daily SMS Package 240   *345*116# 1 Day Rs. 4.78 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor djuice Daily Messaging Bundle 300   *2*2*1# 1 Day Rs. 2.5 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor djuice Karachi Offer 1000 Unlimited Free on-Net Mins *345*21# 1 Day Rs. 10 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor djuice Daily Three Ka Scene Offer 200 Unlimited Free on-Net Mins and 5 free MBS *345*031# 1 Day Rs. 13 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor 50 Minutes Mini Budget Package 300 50 Free on-Net Mins and 4 free MBS *240# 1 Day Rs. 15 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor 100 Minutes Mini Budget Package 300 100 Free on-Net Mins *050# 1 Day Rs. 18 (Inc. Tax)

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Telenor has some of the best weekly SMS packages for a diverse customer base. From Rs 7 to Rs 170, Telenor offers a package for all kinds of people. Whether you are looking for text-only packages or want added offers like internet and voice offers, Telenor has everything sorted out for you. You can traverse our listings of Telenor Weekly SMS packages or use our Plan Finder to find out the best suited packages based on your preferences and filters.

The ‘Telenor 5 Day SMS Bundle’ and ‘Telenor Weekly SMS Package’ are best for the people who prefer text messages over calls. The packages provide 300 SMS and 1200 SMS for seven days respectively for just Rs 7. If you also want some internet data with SMS, ‘Telenor Djuice Weekly Messaging Bundle’ offers 1200 SMS and 100 MBs free internet data in Rs 10 with a validity of 7 days. ‘Telenor Djuice SMS Minutes Bundle’ with 12 On-Net minutes and 700 SMS and ‘Telenor Djuice SMS Voice Bundle’ with 500 minutes, 500 SMS, and 50 MBs are offered for Rs 11.95 only. In addition, there are a number of other weekly SMS packages for your convenience.

Package Name Free SMS Extra Amenities   Activation Code Validity Price
Telenor djuice Weekly Messaging Bundle 1200 100 Free MBS *2*2*2# 7 Days Rs. 10 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor djuice SMS Voice Bundle 700 12 free on-net mins *345*105# 7 Days Rs. 11.95 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor djuice SMS Minutes Bundle 700 12 free on-net mins *345*105# 7 Days Rs. 11.95 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor Weekly SMS Package 1200   *2*2*2# 7 Days Rs. 15.50 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor 7 Day Mini Budget Package 1000 500 Free on-Net Mins and 50 free MBS *345*247# 7 Days Rs. 86 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package 700 100 Free on-net and 70 Off-net mins 1000 Free MBS *5*7# 7 Days Rs. 113.53 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor EasyCard Weekly Package 600 600 Free on-net and 40 Off-net Mins 600 free MBS The retailer will directly subscribe this offer for you. 7 Days Rs. 150 (Inc. Tax)

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

No telco wants to lose its customers; Telenor does the same and to ensure that its customers stay with the network, the company offers an array of monthly voice, internet and SMS packages for its users.

Even if the customers leave somehow, Telenor knows how to bring them back; it offers ‘Telenor Sim Lagao Offer’. The customers get 3000 On-Net minutes, 3000 MBs of data for next 60 days on SIM activation. ‘Telenor DJuice Monthly Messaging Bundle’ is one of the most widely used bundles; through this package the customers can get 10,000 SMS on all networks and 300 MBs free internet data for  Social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook) in only Rs 40.

Love chatting? No worries! Telenor takes care of all your needs. With ‘Telenor Monthly SMS Package’, Telenor provide its users with 6,000 SMS for the whole month, so there is no need to worry about package expiry. Telenor provides some all-rounder packages to facilitate its users. These packages are comprised of all services provided by the company such as voice call, SMS and internet. These packages are Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package, Telenor Easy Card, Telenor Easy Card Plus Package and through these packages, the customers can get all services through one subscription.

Package Name Free SMS Extra Amenities   Activation Code Validity Price
Telenor Monthly SMS Package 6000   *345*363# 30 Days Rs. 47.80 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package 3000 3000 free on-net mins 300 Free MBS *345*30# 30 Days Rs. 418 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor EasyCard 500 500 free on-net and 50 off-net mins 500 MBS With Telenor Easy card you will get 30 Days   Rs. 450 (Inc. Tax)
Telenor EasyCard Plus Package 3000 3000 free on-net and 150 Off-net mins 3000 free MBS Telenor EasyCard offers 30 Days Rs. 800 (Inc. Tax)

Telenor Others SMS Packages

Telenor offer SMS bundle package known as ‘Telenor Easy Card Plus Package’. This package is inexpensive and affordable for those customers who aim to cut down their cell phone expenses. The package offers 600 SMS to all networks for 15 days for the price of Rs 14.50. Another miscellaneous package is the Telenor Djuice 3 Day On-Net Offer; the subscriber can enjoy 250 On-Net minutes, 500 SMS to all networks and 15 MB internet data for three days in Rs 30.

Telenor offers another package called the ‘Telenor 3 Days All in One offer’; the user can get 150 On-Net minutes, 15 Off-Net minutes, 150 SMS for al networks, and 150 MB free internet data for 3 days. Another similar package is the ‘Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Package’. It offers 250 On-Net minutes, 250 SMS, 25 Off-Net minutes, and 50 MBs internet data in Rs 40 for a period of 3 days.

Telenor also offers ‘Telenor Super 3 Package’ which provides 300 free On-Net Minutes, 300 free SMS to all networks, and 100 MB of free internet data with a 3 days validity. These packages designed based on the customer preferences and cater to the needs of all types of customers.

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