Why Marketing Must Be a Part of Every Employee’s Job (and Job Description.)

As a rule, businesses of all sizes don’t do a good marketing job. It is often because the business owner or a top salesperson is turned into the marketing person.

If that’s not enough for you, here’s some news: marketing is everyone’s job. Anyone who works for your business and meets a customer or prospect is marketing. Some people don’t just have jobs that say “marketing,” but also jobs that say “marketing.” So, the question is: Are these people ready to do that job well?

New ads, email newsletters, and promotions aren’t the only things part of marketing. It’s so much more than that. Marketing should be a part of everyone’s job description, from the admin department to the managing partners and so on. It means that marketing should be a part of everyone’s job. There are many reasons people need to learn about marketing at home and work.

What’s internal marketing?

In your mind, you think that people outside of your marketing department know what your marketing team does and why it’s important for your business. You’re wrong about that, though.

Internal marketing promotes your company’s goals, vision, products, and services to your employees, so they know what you’re all about. Customers’ feelings and opinions about a company are based on more than just the products or services you sell. They also consider how they feel about your business as a whole. And your whole company is a part of that experience.

Insider marketing is all about ensuring that people who work for your company can help people because they know and believe in your company’s brand, goals, and visions. Perhaps you can show them how they can help.

One of the smartest things any business can do is to make and give official marketing training to everyone in the business so that they can learn about it. Again, this applies to delivery people, administrative people, and people who work with money (especially finance-related people).

People at your own company can use this example of what should be in a marketing training program to make their own.

This outline will help you plan your internal marketing training.

Everyone at least once a quarter (and with each new hire) should have an all-hands meeting about the brand.

This internal seminar should and can teach people about things like:

  • Why did you name your company what we did? Add this to your own story.
  • What colors, images, and fonts are official, and why? Make a simple style guide to share with everyone.
  • Everyone needs to understand your main marketing message and why.
  • It is how you want the brand to be thought of or what you want people to think about it in the market.
  • If you want to show off the benefits of your products or services, do so in the same way you would show them to a customer.
  • It’s important to know your ideal customer, so use photos and success stories from real people to describe them.
  • You can show off your ads, landing pages, and radio ads to get more leads. Sell them on the campaign.
  • Everyone must know what to do when a prospect calls.
  • Sales, leads, referrals, PR, and social media growth are some of the most important marketing metrics, and they show how well your marketing is working.
  • It is your marketing calendar. Show everyone that you have a plan for the future by having a calendar.
  • In addition, I would help everyone write or rewrite some aspect of their position to include a direct relationship to the marketing function they perform. 

In addition, I would help everyone write or rewrite a part of their job description that would make it clear that they work in marketing.

Administrative people usually answer the phone, but in a marketing world, that person’s main job is to answer the phone and be the brand’s first impression and face. In the past, I’ve seen it happen.

Then, go one step further and make marketing scorecards for everyone. Make a list of all how each job in your company can earn marketing points during the day and make it into a game. Writing a blog, joining a social network and posting to it, writing thank-you notes, giving a referral, and meeting people at a Chamber event are all good ways to get more business. Challenge everyone to score a certain number of points in marketing each week, and then set up an award program as part of your marketing workshops to reward people who do well each week.

Everyone on the team should understand and support your marketing strategy. It makes them more empowered to act on behalf of the brand and better brand ambassadors when meeting new customers and prospects. A 10-person company has two marketers. If you have two marketers out of ten people, which would you rather have: two people or a whole team of 10?


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