Sit-In Called Off As Granaz Reunites With Husband

Granaz reunites

Granaz reunites hundreds of Marri tribesmen who have been protesting in the city’s red zone and three bodies found in the Barkhan area over the past five days called off the occupation Friday night after Khan Muhammad’s wife Marri killed him with their children during the camp occupation had brought together, and the authorities had given their approval requests. 

There were exciting scenes in the camp when Mrs. Granaz reunites and her children, who had probably spent years in a private prison, were reunited with Mr. Marri after four years. 

Two of the dead were the children of Chan Marri and the third, a woman, has not yet been identified. 

Members of the crew brought three bodies and announced that they wanted to bury them. However, the burial locations of all three have not been disclosed.

Bodies of members of Marri tribe taken for last rites; Minister defends arrest of a suspected woman in the special case 

Jahangir Marri, Secretary-General of Marri Ittehad Pakistan, announced the end of the protests and said the government agreed to their demands. 

He said the government also gave them assurances that the FIR would be recorded after the testimonies of the victim’s family members, who were held somewhere, and one day picked up by the security forces, were recorded. 

Earlier on Friday morning, Ms. Granaz reunites, wife of Khan Marri, and their five children – a 17-year-old daughter and four boys – arrived in Quetta in a motorcade under close surveillance. 

A woman and her children burst into tears upon meeting Khan Marri after more than four years. Khan Marri had been hiding somewhere outside of Balochistan for all these years and one day returned to Quetta under close surveillance.

Granaz reunites, still crying after seeing the coffins in the ambulance, wanted to take a peek at her children but was not allowed. 

The police then took Ms. Granaz reunites and her children into custody. 

“They would have been brought before a judge to give evidence of their detention,” the officer said, adding that they would be released after statements to family were taken. 

Khan Marri, happy to be reunited with his family, said: “My wife and children have been healed, so there is no need to continue the occupation. I am grateful to the members of the Marri tribe and people from other communities who supported me and participated in the protest that helped save my family and accept our demands.

Senator Agha Omer Ahmedzai,  younger brother of the exiled Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Dawood, visited the occupation camp with several other tribal elders and, after meeting with the leaders of the Marri tribes, announced the end of the rally. 

Some youths opposed the decision to suspend the occupation, but Marri Itte’s leaders refused to continue the occupation, stating that their demands for the recovery of the Khan Marri family and the arrest of Sardar Khetran had been met. 

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Mir Ziaullah Langove said in a press conference that the entire provincial apparatus, including the police, conscripts and intelligence services, had played an important role in rebuilding the Khan Marri family. He added that the JIT and a special police team are investigating the Barkhan murders. 

“It was a joint effort by all armed forces and intelligence agencies that was successful when Khan Marri’s wife and five children were located and returned to Quetta after recovering.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the use of the tragic incident for political ends & Granaz reunites, saying that instead of helping and cooperating, these people began to engage in politics and assign blame. 

“The JIT has opened an investigation and will report within 30 days,” he said, adding that anyone held responsible for this tragedy faces serious legal action. 

The Home Secretary said that some people want to make policy on the matter because they are demanding that the bodies not be buried until their requests regarding the detained suspect Mahal Baloch are granted. 

He said an investigation into the matter was ongoing.

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