How To Get Zong Loan in 2023 – Zong Double Advance Loan Code

How To Get Zong Loan

How annoying it is to hear “You don’t have enough credit to make this call” when you really need credit to make the call. As mobile users, we often come across situations where we need to make an emergency call, but we’re out of balance on how to get zong loan

You may not find any charging points nearby. If you are a Zong user then you don’t have to worry as Zong will give you an advance to help you make an urgent call in such a situation. Here is all detail about how to get zong loan.

Advance Loan Zong In 2023, 

Zong will provide instant loan services to its needy users. Zong is committed to providing users with the best services to meet customers’ hopes and maintain a good reputation among customers on how to get zong loan. 

You can get instant credit from Zong to make a call and activate any SMS or internet plan. We share the method to get zong advance loan. 

How to get Zong loan? 

Loan With Credit? You don’t need to worry. We have introduced you to the best method to get the Zong Advance promo code. Follow the instructions to get a loan. 

Zong offers users Zong a deposit of up to 30 rupees. It used to be 25 rupees, but Zong has increased the loan to 30 rupees for the convenience of the user.

In general, Zong offers two types of advance loans. 

Zong Advance Loan  

Method 1 

With this method, you can get a Zong Loan totaling Rs 25. 

 Service Mechanism 

  •  To get Zong Advance, dial *911#. 
  •  Or send an empty SMS to 911. You will receive a  
  •  confirmation message. Once that is done you will receive a deposit of Rs. Rs 25,
  •  A service fee of Rs 5 will be deducted from your next top-up of Rs 25. 
  •  postpaid customers are not eligible for a total of Rs 
  •  from Zong Advance. 28.5 will be deducted from the next 

Zong Double Advance Loan 

Method 2

This method allows you to get up to Rs 30 Zong Advance Loan in two steps: 

Service Mechanism 

  • Dial *0# from mobile to Zong Advance Loan 
  •  Zong will send you Rs.15 in your service charge 
  •   of Rs. 3.5 will be deducted on the next top-up 
  •  For another 15 advance loans after getting your first number dial *0# dial *911#. 
  •  They get more Rs. 15 than Zong Advance 
  •  They took Rs.30 as zong advance loan with this 
  •  you pay back how to get zong loan of 30 and the cost of the service on your next top-up. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  •  An Advance Balance Tax (AIT) of 12.5% ​​is charged on each top-up. A general sales tax (GST) of 19.5% also applies.
  •  The advance loan amount is Rs 25 which is deducted from the supplemental amount from the lender. 
  •  The service charge is Rs 3.5 + taxes. 
  •  After charging, Rs.25 plus a service charge of Rs 3.5 + tax will be deducted. 
  •  Prepaid, MBB & Online SIM card users are eligible for advance loans. 
  •  No, postpay subscribers are not eligible for this service 

Dial *911# and get credit 25 RS Zong Advance  

Price: Rs 3 (plus tax) 

Subscription Code – dial *911# 

When you buy Zong Advance use, Rs 25 will be deducted from your next top-up.

Dial *911# from your prepaid number Rs 3 plus tax will be deducted from the prepaid amount on your next top-up.

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