Meet-Cute In Quetta

Meet-cute in Quetta

Meet-cute in Quetta former Prime Minister, a former Treasury Secretary, and a former Senator entered the crowded room to reinvent, not just reinvent, John Lennon. It is perhaps a commentary on the state of Pakistan, where, despite the many crises, the unemployed and marginalized are changing. 

The powerful and popular are too busy appointing cabinet members (pro bono) and key people (for prison staff as if overcrowding bothers those in power). 

 But it must be said that it is rare that politicians who are not in government (Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is an exception here because, like Ajay Devgan he commutes between two bicycles, he commutes between two worlds, government and the unemployed), something generates so much interest. 

The three “Independents,” as Meet-cute in Quetta called them, are now the subject of quiet rumors, as are royal brothers Harry and Wills.

But more important than the question of what they are planning is the question of their possible “supporters” or patrons. A popular question is, “Reinvent Kay Peechay Kya Hai?” Is her midwife the same one who always birthed our politics? 

In a sense, this is a question that seems somewhat illogical in its immediate context. Why would “they” support a trio one of whom would have lost his Senate seat at their behest (or maybe at their behest)? Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar was different from his leaders, but he might have survived in the Senate if he hadn’t started tweeting about the treatment of those accused of subversion and who might be behind it. 

And then there is Miftah Ismail, who was said to be close to ‘them’, but then ‘they’ agreed to his temporary replacement; “They” didn’t think they could save the economy, but will now be part of the Marvel team to save the Pakistani universe? 

 Focusing on invisible hands destroys our ability to understand events as they are. 

 But then I digress. The rumors of politician-turned-thinkers underscore Meet-cute in Quetta our habit of assuming that the establishment is behind every major political event in Pakistan. 

As a friend who is usually the lightbulb behind my smart things remarked, our history is so full of orchestrated events that we cannot perceive any development as weightless, invisible – or is it only visible? – Hand. And for a good reason. 

 From the rise of the PML-N to Imran Khan to meddling in elections and the choice of finance ministers, the hand Meet-cute in Quetta is almost everywhere. It didn’t just start in 2018 those of us who are old enough remember 1990 too! 

This is not a phenomenon limited to recent times or Punjab. Many traditional CP politicians have long believed that the PTM was created by You-Know-Who. 

At that time the movement organized large rallies in different places and it seems that their support was unexpected. It can be easier to blame someone than to accept your own insignificance or failure.

But this attention to invisible hands also destroys our ability to understand events as they are and to analyze what will happen. 

Take  PTI. Focused on the help received from the party, many failed to see the true popularity of the party, no matter how small or Meet-cute in Quetta how big it was in 2018.  The surprise was all the greater because so many signs of change had been concealed.

 For example, following the July 2022 results, a Punjab politician pointed out that if the PTI loses a provincial by-election, it improves its result.

In particular, he mentioned the elections in Daska  Meet-cute in Quetta– where the PTI candidate, who received around 60,000 votes in 2018. votes, in 2021 it received more than 90,000. The game of machinations has made us ignorant of the people of Earth. 

We are held hostage for so long that we are unable to recognize or ascribe free will to any individual or person. And that’s why 2022 surprised us and many of us may not have guessed how well PTI would do in July. 

Anyway, back to the “independents”, so far many clues have strayed in the dark without the help of a guide. Because our heavy hands are too used to their flimsy scripts. 

In these crumpled and coffee-stained outlines, hope rests on the new and untested, as was the case with Nawaz Sharif in the ’90s, and Sharif in 2022. And let’s not forget that these writings also have location preferences. 

 Yash Chopra may prefer Switzerland and those on a budget choose the scenic spots of India, but for us, this has to be the heart Meet-cute in Quetta of Punjab. Lahore – or Islamabad – or any other major city within range of cameras so that the press conference they attend can be broadcast to all households. Do you remember Mustafa Kamal and his return from oblivion at the forefront of the PSP? 

 Even in Balochistan, organizing a think tank with two people from Punjab and one from Karachi is the kind of idealistic race that only marginalized politicians can participate in. 

 For our best cauldron scenarios, it never starts in Quetta. It’s not a friendly encounter that Pakistanis are used to. We’ll have to wait for the press conference in Meet-cute in Quetta before looking for strong hands. In the meantime, it might be better to ask why politicians who could easily side with the governing coalition choose the road less traveled. What does that say about the parties in power?

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